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Body for Lifetime Find Yourself

The wedding vows say "'Til Death do us part" but we all know that that statement is true only about half the time. The one place where it's true all the time is between you and your body. For better or worse, you will be together 'til death steps in to separate you two.

The goal is to make sure that relationship stays intact until the end.

Some of it is going to sound like common sense and other parts will sound like sales pitches, but the concepts behind taking care of your body are fundamentally important. You're in it for life. Hopefully that's a long term commitment; filled with a lot of happiness and very little pain.

Now this won't guarantee any of that, but improving your chances is E-Z.

I know a number of people who don't exercise because they're tired; and a lot of people who exercise who aren't tired. I know for a fact that the more intense I exercise, the less intense everything else in life becomes. There IS a correlation.

Eat Right
Unfortunately, in today's society eating wrong is easier. We don't think we have enough time and then we think that this junk is better than nothing. Our bodies can only keep itself running smoothly with the nutrition we provide. Garbage in, garbage out. Not today, so we won't notice it. but eventually it'll become too late. Invest IN yourself.

Easy does it
We also need a break from all the stress we put on ourselves. Rest is really important to regenerate our bodies. A change of scenery is really good to refresh our brains. Constant stress wears us down. "Easy" doesn't mean slacking; it means releasing tension.

Life's about balance. Work, play, rest. If you find yourself doing too much of one, take some time to do the other stuff.

Whether you believe in a Spiritual Being, or a Life Force or a Sub-Atomic Energy Cycle, energy is what keeps us going. What that energy is has been the most misunderstood and misrepresented thing on the planet. What matters though is that we're connected to it. It is the fuel that is within us as well as around us. It IS us, whatever you call it. so reach out and connect!


Exercise to try

Have a really good lunch
Seems like an easy enough thing to do, right? At least I didn't ask you to work out. But this exercise is important because it's not just about making sure you get something nutritious; it's about following up in the afternoon to see how you feel. Are you tired? bloated? irritable? This exercise is actually about being in tune with your body and seeing how food directly affects you.



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