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Cherish Every Moment...
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Cherish every moment

It's so easy to let a moment go by. One slipped by just as you read the last sentence. And it isn't until something drastic happens that we realize how precious each one really is.

But there's still time.

It doesn't matter how many moments have gone by, or how many moments we have left; we have this one... surrounding us, holding us. All we have to do is reach out and embrace it.

Seize it
The quickest way to grab hold of the moment is to look directly at it. Becoming aware of everything else being held in the moment - the trees, the sun, the smiling face across the way - whatever it is, is here too. Opening up and taking it all in brings us to living in the Now.
Dream it
what's the next moment going to be? Will it be one more step in the direction of our dreams, or away; into some dark abyss? All we need to set a direction is this moment and the next; the rest is beyond that in a straight line.
Control it
Own the moment. Take responsibility for being here and for going into that next moment. "I own this moment" means being in the drivers seat of Life.
Release it
Time is a wave. It's in motion and it's going whether we ride it or not. We can't actually control the MOMENT, as much as we can control the MOTION. Release the moment into the past frees us up to take on the next great moment.
Love it
We can fill each moment up with an awful lot of stuff... but like dessert, there's always a little room left over for Love.


Now Now Now



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