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Ready Set Go!

In Life there are people who are doing what we do. Some might be better at it than we are; some not. It isn't about them. If we focus all our energy on the competition then we aren't doing what we need to do. focusing on the race ahead.

Winning is the outcome that comes from within.

Keep the goal in sight

After all, that's what the race is all about. Knowing what it is that we want to achieve helps keep our focus, our aim and our drive.

Concentrate on doing it right

There is a right way to achieve the goal. It's different for every one of us, but it either works or it doesn't. We need to find that right combination and then do it.

Repeat success

Then once we do it right, we have to do it right again. It's no good if it's a one shot deal. Success is a series of right steps. Just keep doing it right, and success will continue.

React to the right things

Don't react to the competition; that only puts them in the position of power. The only thing to react to is the changing world around us. Great successful often comes from fulfilling the needs of others; and those needs are constantly changing. Quick reaction to that makes us flexible and more open to success.

Make the next step better

It's easy to become complacent after we've succeeded for a while. That's the biggest mistake others have made; that have lead to their downfall. Always strive to be one iota better each and every time. even when in the lead.

Learn from others

Remember, they're trying to do the same thing, so they're trying out new ideas as well as we are.

Don't cheat

Tempting as it might be to cut corners and do it wrong in favor of quicker results, it's important to remember that our foundation is what keeps us strong. Build it weak and it will eventually crumble; build it strong and it will last beyond our legacy.

Get in the race

It might seem obvious, but "you've got to be in it to win it." So many really talented people never succeed because they simply don't actually do anything. We must not become like that. Where there is opportunity, we must take it. When the starting gun goes off, it's time to put the foot to the ground and run!

Be In It
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