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Daydream Believer Find Yourself

We have a lot of power at our disposal. We can tap into it at any time and no special equipment is needed. It's misunderstood and under-used by millions. A lot of other people see it as a bad thing, even though they've probably been caught doing it too. It's called "daydreaming."

Daydreams aren't for losers or people out to waste their time. Daydreams are amazing tools of creativity, which can unlock our deepest potential and create the life we're meant to live.

Dream of the Impossible

Our minds are not tethered by any the laws of nature, so we can go ahead and dream up anything we want. By freeing our thoughts we can uncover our deepest wishes. some we may not have even imagined we had.

Dream of the Possible

The next thing to do is to pull out of our dreams all those elements that could actually become real for us. Now we mustn't get caught up in low self-esteem and the limited ideals that often keep us trapped away from success. We just need to ask ourselves "is it possible" not whether it's easy or whether it'll take a lot of other people to make it happen. Just "is it possible?"

Dream of the Day-to-Day

The next thing to do is to picture what our dream would look like on a daily basis. Don't say "massage in the morning and golf at noon " because those are benefits, but rather picture what it would be like to do the daily things of a successful life.

Wake up!

Now stop dreaming and start planning. The bigger the dream, the more effort that's got to go into it. Map it out. Set out little goals to head in the right direction. Take it upon yourself to make it happen.

Guru-cise it!

Start small, with something that might need just a little attention. For example, a problem that needs to be solved at work or at home. Begin by thinking of the ultimate solution, free of any boundaries. Let your imagination soar. Then go through the steps of picking out the possible and see if there's anything that can actually make it better.


Dream Big


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