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Let Freedom Ring!

In America, July 4th is more than just a birthday, it’s a reminder of the principles that this country was founded on. Independence. The right to freedom - freedom from persecution; freedom to be yourself. Yet every day we enslave ourselves, often subtly, through narrow beliefs and fear.


Now is as good a time as any to declare your own independence.

Freedom from Fear
Your imagination always gets the best and worst of you. Like monsters under the bed, it’s almost always more in your mind than in reality.

Having imagination is great; even having fear can be a good thing at times. It’s when you allow that fear to stop you from going after what you want that you have a problem.

Turn on the light and face your fears. Throw away the ones that are just shadows of your imagination; avoid those real fears that would mean real harm to you; and face the rest. Get through them; get over them; get rid of them.

Freedom from Judgment
Judgment is another thing that can keep us from getting what we want. We either judge others unfairly, which prevents us from making real connections, real mutual growth, or we judge ourselves so harshly that we give up without really trying,

We can’t judge ourselves; we’re too close. Go after what you want. Don’t worry about failure; it’s only there to teach you what doesn’t work. Don’t worry about success; you can handle it. Don’t worry about what other people think; what matters is what you think… about your life and your self.

Just stop judging others and yourself and you will experience a freedom greater than anything you can only imagine (and we know how powerful imagination can be)

Freedom from Boundaries
Some boundaries are made by others; many are made by ourselves. Ultimately, we’re the ones who either get outside them, or allow them to imprison us. Commit to getting around them… to leaving them behind.

One freedom we all have is Choice. How you use it is up to you.


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