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Yes You Can!

Dreams without action are just words... They are empty words. Words that can't be trusted.

It's only when we take action that we get what we dream of. Things get done when we do them.

Do it when you want to
So often we just put our passions into overdrive, and sit there in neutral. We want it 'til it burns deeper into our souls. yet we do nothing about it. All we're left with are burnt out souls. Doing something when we want it is the only way to even get a chance at having it. Maybe we'll get it; maybe we won't, but going for it will get us closer. and it might even get us things we never even dreamed of.

Do it when you don't want to
Then there are the things that we just HAVE to do, but HATE doing them. They're our responsibility and if we don't do them, then our lives will only get worse. It takes a lot to recognize when we are the only ones to do something, and that something has to be done. It takes even more to be the one who gets it done.

Do it when someone else wants you to
Service to others is divinity in action. It not only helps out someone else, but it makes the entire world a better place. Fulfilling someone else's needs also helps to get ourselves out of our heads, so we don't focus on our own problems so much.

Do it when someone else doesn't want you to
There's also going to be times when we have to choose what is right for us over what someone else thinks is right. It comes down to being true to ourselves, no matter how much resistance, no matter how much pain. the reward on the other side of the pain is worth the effort.

Do it!
Again, it is action that counts; action that changes everything. so it's time to stop thinking about it, talking about it, reading about it. Go out and do it now!

Can Can
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