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Where does the time go?

Does it never seem like you have enough time to get stuff done? Are you one of those people who need lists just to keep track of your lists? Do you ever describe yourself as a "Jack of All Trades, Master of None"?

Spreading ourselves too thin is a chronic illness that often starts from childhood. We either have trouble saying no, or we get into that mode of thinking where "if I don't do it, it won't get done." Or we're still chasing after our dreams, with no real idea where we're going, so keep gambling, thinking that the "next thing" is gonna be IT.

The solution is not in doing one thing more… and you not going to get more time, no matter how much you wish for. What is going to get you MORE out of life, is actually in doing LESS.

Take Inventory

First thing to do before going on your Time Diet is to take inventory. Write down the THINGS you do. That's stuff like "Work" or "Family." You know, the big ticket items. Put them across the top of the page, since they're your categories.

Next, under that write down your ACTIVITIES associated with those THINGS. Use as much paper as you need to. This is an inventory, after all. And no particular order, just however they come to mind… "soccer practice" … "write that report" … "feed the dog." In fact, the activities might remind you of some other THINGS that didn't come up before.

When you've done that, label it "Inventory" and set it aside.

Work Family Household Fitness
Write Report Movie time Feed the dog Gym M-W-F
Project Plan Dinner out Clean the yard Marketing costs


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