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Easier Said... Learn Something New

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Part of the "Easier Said Than Done.... but do it anyway" series.
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Old Dog, New Idea

You know the saying, "You can't teach an old dog a new trick," right? Well, go to the mirror right now. Are you old? Maybe. Are you a dog? If you are, congratulations on being able to read; now go outside and play. Everyone else, listen up!

That saying is just an excuse for people unwilling to open up their minds and grow.


Why is it easier said than done?

Learning can take a lot of time; a rarity in this busy world of ours. It takes commitment. It also means having to break old habits, having to admit that we don't know it all, or being uncomfortable until we know it.

Why should I do it anyway?

Just because we've done something for a very long time, that doesn't mean that it's the best way. One new thing, even if it's little, might actually replace years of bad ways.

Learning something new also opens up the door to new possibilities. For example, learning a new language makes it possible to travel to countries we've never seen before. Perhaps learning a new skill can break us of a dependency on someone else.

Learning is freedom.

Where do I begin?

IStart by looking at your goals… or at some things that are holding you back. Remember, we either want something or we want to get rid of something, so goals and barriers are good places to examine.

Next, check out local school and organizations and see what courses they offer. Often it's just one evening or a few evenings to give you a starting point.

Also, ask friends. After all, they too have had goals and road blocks. They can be a good source of ideas… and who knows, they might even join you.

Just look around. You might be surprised at just how many resources there are out there to us you achieve your growth.

The very first step, however, is to get back to that mirror. Look yourself straight in the eye and say:

"I'm not old and I'm not a dog!"

Now go outside and play!

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