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Easier Said... Let Someone Else In

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Part of the "Easier Said Than Done.... but do it anyway" series.
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Easier Said Than Done - Let Someone Else In

We are born vulnerable, yet open to all the world has to offer. Yet after years of disappointment and heartache, we begin to believe that we're better off alone. Our shells harden and even if we still desperately wish for someone to come in, we make it nearly impossible to break through.

Yet that's also exactly what prevents us from breaking out as well. The more we set ourselves apart from the world, the farther away from our Selves we become.

We aren't really as alone as we believe… and one way to see that is to open up the shell and let someone in.

Why is it easier said than done?
Fear, depression and complacency all grow under that shell. Opening up the shell means having to face them head-on; not an easy thing. Also, we have to give up some control and we have to be willing to be vulnerable with another person; not really knowing if we'll be hurt all over again.

That's just scary.

Why should I do it anyway?
With great vulnerability can come great joy. The world can seem new again. All past wounds can be healed; all past wrongs righted… or at least, it could be the start of something wonderful!

We'll never know, if we never try.

Where do I begin?
We start by acknowledging the shell we've built, the fears we have. We then take a deep breath and say it'll be ok… and just let it go.

Next, be honest with someone else. Let them help. Be open and vulnerable to them…

…And don't worry that they might judge… because if they truly are meant to be here, there won't be judgment… or pain… or complacency.

Just love.

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