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Easier Said... Get a Pet

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Part of the "Easier Said Than Done.... but do it anyway" series.
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Easier Said Than Done - Pets

Animals can be a wonderful addition to anyone's life. So full of personality and livelihood… and just so darn cute! They make us tap on the glass at the pet stores when we're not supposed to, they make us dribble on in our itty-bitty-cutsy-wootsie-widdle-baby-tawk… they just get us so INVOLVED, you know?

And it isn't until we get them home that we realize just how much we got ourselves in for.


Why is it easier said than done?

Pets are living, breathing souls who share their time with us. They have needs and they don't like to wait. They have to eat and go out and when there's play to be had, watch out! They require us to pay attention; to take away time from our busy schedules to take care of THEM.

They don't care what kind of day we've had. It's their world and that's all that matters.

Why should I do it anyway?

They don't care what kind of day we've had. We are their world… and that's all that matters.

Paying attention to them gets us out of ourselves. They can get us out of our heads for a while.

And they can get inside our hearts.

They love us unconditionally. How many people can we say that about?

Where do I begin?

It's important to figure out what kind of person we are, first. Are we Dog People? Cat People? Maybe we want a pet that's a bit lower maintenance, like a fish.

Next we should start to look around legitimate, loving places that help find homes for animals. Pet adoption days at pet stores, veterinarian offices and boarding homes for pets-on-vacation are just some of the places to find the right love of our life.

Then, when we meet the right pet… and we'll both know it when we do… that's the time to just open up our hearts and let the loving lifetime begin.

PS Don't forget to pick up the food, bowls, leashes, toys, litter (if need be); set up the vet appointment, start the list of pet sitters and get ready to quickly pet proof the house as soon as possible… phew!
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