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It's Elementary - Learning from the Elements (Earth)...

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Life is comprised of four elements - Air, Water, Earth and Fire. They intertwine and compliment one another. Each one has a little something to teach us, if we open ourselves up to lessons it has to offer.

Our third Guru is Earth.

Have a solid foundation

One of the strongest elements of earth is how solid a foundation it is. It's what we build our highest towers upon. The same is true of our lives. To be able to reach the sky, we must be able to stand tall. That comes from fostering a strong set of principles, and committing to live them in everything we do.

When you're building a home, you can't start with the second floor.


Another amazing thing about earth is just how much life actually grows from it. The earth nurtures life just by being itself, by surrounding seeds and feeding it the nutrients to make it grow. That translates to commitment to our dreams, our talents; and commitment to the people in our lives. We can achieve more through giving, than through taking away.

Giving gets more.

Be patient

That's a truism about the earth; it's very patient. It doesn't rush its nurturing; it doesn't try to hurry up the building process. It just IS, and let's everything else just BE. It knows that everything takes time, so it takes its time. So shall we. Let's not rush for things, or wish for things to be here sooner than it takes. Let's just be; let life unfold.

Patience, in the long run, is its own reward.

Keep moving

In order for earth to be alive, it needs to be in constant movement. The dirt is tilled by insects. Continents shift. The planet doesn't stop revolving. So why should we stand still? Let's keep up with life. Let's move it!

With Life moving all around you, standing still is going backwards.

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