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It's Elementary - Learning from the Elements (Fire)...

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Life is comprised of four elements - Air, Water, Earth and Fire. They intertwine and compliment one another. Each one has a little something to teach us, if we open ourselves up to lessons it has to offer.

Our fourth Guru is Fire.

Burn with passion

The strength of a fire comes from within. Its fuel radiating outward is what endows fire with all of its other qualities. The same is true for us. What we love and what we desire is what drives us forward.

Take the passion from within and light up the world around you.

Burn steady

The flame that burns the brightest, burns out the soonest. It's nice to have an exciting life, no doubt, but its also important to keep at it. By balancing excitement with temperance, we can spread the light over many more years. Think about the sun, we really wouldn't want it to burn itself out in one day, now would we?

Give all you can give to be successful, and save the rest for tomorrow.

Be a light for others

We don't have to 'try' to be anything; rather we can just 'be' and it will be enough. A fire is so many things, but it never 'tries' to light up the area around it; it just does. That's what it is. We can be the same as fire by living our lives as true to our nature as we possibly can. We don't hide ourselves, or even show off. we just simply shine where others can see us.

The darker it is, the brighter the fire appears.

All it takes is a spark

Even the grandest of fires start small. Too often we think of the things we want in life and see it as this huge something that we're never going to have. We forget that almost everything in life starts small and grows. and that we can control those little things and nurture them from right where we are now. We're so much more powerful than we realize. All it takes is us noticing the little thing.

You are the spark of Life. You don't need to wait for a match to start a fire.

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