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It's Elementary - Learning from the Elements (Water)...

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Life is comprised of four elements - Air, Water, Earth and Fire. They intertwine and compliment one another. Each one has a little something to teach us, if we open ourselves up to lessons it has to offer.

Our second Guru is Water.

Go with the flow

Water is easy going, even at its most torrential. It travels along the Path of Least Resistance. If something is in the way, it can go around it, or over it. We can see our own lives like that.

A rock may change the river's course, but it does not change the river.

Persistent Patience

Water is patient and seemingly tireless in its actions. It doesn't go, "well, I went this way yesterday, there's no need for me to flow like this again today." It just goes on and on. By learning from the water, we can grow more patient with ourselves and our needs. We can understand that some things just take longer; so why not give it that extra time?

A gentle stream can split a mountain, if given enough time.


Water doesn't just come in one form. When it's hot, water turns lighter than air; when it chills, water hardens. It changes itself to match the conditions in which it finds itself. Imagine how much more powerful our lives would be if we were as mutable?

Water stays true to its nature, no matter what its form.

Constant Renewal

Water never really disappears. It merely changes from one form to another in an endless cycle. It is constantly being reborn in the gentle rains and shimmering dew of morning. Our mornings can be the same, a renewal, a transformation a commitment to the cycle we know as Life.

Every new drop of rain brings with it an eternity.

Every drop counts

Water can be in a tiny glass or cover the entire ocean, but it's all made up of drops. No matter if it's one or a million, each drop is the same, yet unique. just like every one of us.

Every drop of water makes the ocean stronger.



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