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If at First You Don't Succeed, Fake it!
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Fake it


No one has to know about past failures unless you choose to dwell on them. Unless it directly affects them, people really don’t care too much about what you did wrong. Success from this moment forward is all that really matters.


Behaving like you’re a success is the only way to be successful.
If you pretend to be a failure, eventually other people will believe it. Eventually, you’ll be doomed to the cycle of Failure. Pretend to be a success however, and you’ll attract the cycle of Success.

People treat you the way they perceive you.
You don’t have to pretend that failure didn’t happen. You just have to pretend that failure doesn’t really matter all that much. People who are seen as having overcome failure, are perceived to be even MORE successful.

You really should let go of the past
Unless you know the secret of changing the past, it’s really best to put it where it is… back there somewhere.

Take the lessons with you
The best way to let the past go is to learn from it. Take the most valuable lessons with you, and discard the rest. Everything else was just there to support the lesson. It’s the box that the gift came in.

Apply these lessons to the Present
Lessons are only as good as their application. Ask yourself, “Knowing what I know now, how can I be more successful in what I do?” That will help prevent failure from happening again.

Celebrate Success Today
Success begets success. Even if you’ve just come off of some huge failure, celebrate whatever you can… even if it’s just celebrating that it’s over. Celebrate all the lessons you’ve learn. Celebrate the success that the future is going to bring.

Set New & Improved Goals
With the past behind you and the new lessons in place, set a better course for success. Even if you don’t believe it right now; go for it anyway. Enlist the help of other successful people. Keep at it and eventually it won’t seem so unreal; “Successful” will just be the natural way to be.


Success come FROM successful people, it doesn’t come TO them.

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