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The Glass Just is...
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The glass just is… the liquid in it, just is. You can see it as half-full or half-empty all you want; it’s still just a glass with some stuff in it. It is both… and neither.

The closer you can come to that ‘truth’ the more direct an experience you will have. No judgment, only experience.

Getting to that place is “half” the journey…

Recognize your Point of View
All too often we just assume we’re seeing things as they are. We don’t realize just how much we read into what we see… our past experiences, our current mood, the angle of our view… they all color the “truth.” First thing, acknowledge that this is just the way you see it. That will get you to separate your view from what you are viewing.

See the Value of the Other Half
It really isn’t an either-or situation. Just because a perspective is different than yours, doesn’t make it automatically wrong. Consider that there’re lessons to be learned by seeing the “opposite” point of view. A pessimist isn’t always a “downer’ and an optimist isn’t always a “dreamer.”

Seeing the other side will help you to…

Get to Neutral
“Neutral” is Balance. It isn’t “nothing” … but rather having both sides equal to one another. It is all about being centered between the duality known as “Life.”

Neutral isn’t Passive
You know that birds can fly best when they’re balanced. They can fly longer and farther, and with a lot less stress being in that “neutral” state. The same ought to be with you. When you get balanced, don’t just sit there like a lump… go do something!

Direct Experience
How about going one step beyond neutral? How about experiencing something as it is? Got a glass with some water in it? Drink up. Then you’ll get it…

Half way there


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