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If grass is neglected, it turns brown and eventually dies. Other times, we water it, weed it and mow all day long and still the grass is greener on the other side. But there’s no need moping about it.

Time to hop on over and see what those greener fields have to offer.

Schedule the jump date
Goals are more apt to happen if there’s a date attached to them. Although there’s “no time like the present” sometimes we just need more time. We carefully have to weigh out the urgency to get it done against all the other stuff that has to get done first. This is not the time to make excuses, or get overwhelmed. It’s all about making it happen. We have to make sure the date is not too far away, since those have a tendency to come and go, with nothing getting done. For most things, two weeks to two months is about right.

If it’s really big, and needs a year or more, break it up into smaller goals, with two week goals along the way. It’s setting the date that makes it all real.

Announce it
This is a declaration of commitment. It becomes so real when you say it out loud. That also puts the ball into play; giving others the chance to adjust. Some may help us; others may drop out. Either way, their adjustment is part of the realization process.

Give away
Some things still need to get done, or needs to be used, but we just can’t take them with us. Job tasks are a good example; old clothes are another. There’s something freeing about giving it away. Once the burden of having them is gone, moving forward just seems so much easier.

Get ready
Let’s not forget, there’s always a lot more stuff to do than we realize. Start early. Here’s where “there’s no time like the present” comes in handy. Time to think out, and write down, all that’s going to be needed when we make that jump.

“Luck” comes when preparation meets opportunity. So prepare!

Results come from actions. Nothing is “finished” that didn’t first “start”. The final step is obvious… get going!!!


Guru-cize it

Find one little thing that needs to get done. Make it small, since we're just here to practice. Choose something for next week. Write it down where you can see it every day, and go through the steps above. Keep at the little things until you get good at it.


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