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Invaded by Fear...
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We don't just live in one world; we live in many; from the little world of our private moments, through the worlds of friend and family, all the way to the world at all. You would think that the further away the events, the less of an impact that they would have on your life. Yet since the advent of television, the World that's worlds away has found its way directly into your head.

Right now, between the dishes and dirty laundry are images of death and disaster. The war is one the other side of the planet. For most people, for most of the time, there is no danger. Not directly, but tell that to your mind. Every explosion pounds in your head and fear invades every fiber of your being.

The problem is that fear is here for our survival, to help us fight or flee. When we can do nothing about it though, it just sits inside us and wears us down. When we let it inside us, deeper than the moments that are closer to us, we lose control.

It doesn't have to be that way.

  • Don't mega-dose on the images. You can stay informed without putting yourself through the experience over and over again. Get your news from the newspaper or the radio or the internet.
  • "Support" doesn't mean checking in every minute. You don't have to show you care by watching TV every moment of the day. Watch TV only in a small timeframe to catch up… then go do something else.
  • Remember, YOUR life is important too. Don't trivialize yourself, just because something big is happening elsewhere.
  • It isn't selfish to enjoy yourself. Your mood isn't going to change anything over there, but it will change EVERYTHING over here.
  • You can send light. Whether or not you believe in prayer, having good thoughts is so welcome in a world that generates the fear in your head.
  • Get plenty of rest, eat right and exercise. Take care of yourself. You're the closest and most influential person in your life.




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