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Just a Li'l

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We spend a lot of time thinking we need to do a lot of stuff; only to end up doing nothing and losing what time we have. We make it a big all-or-nothing deal, when really all we need is just a lil something to make it all happen.

I used to write "BTN" on the board whenever I was working on a project. People used to think it stood for "button" and wondered "why would he put a button up in that corner?" It actuality, it stood for "Better Than Nothing" and it was to be a simple solution for an immediate need. Many of them grew to become quite something.

It just goes to show you what can happen when you throw in just a lil bit of magic.

Learn a Li'l
It's time to think of one thing that we don't know; doesn't matter what it is... just something we'd like to know that we don't know now. Look it up on the web, go to the library, ask a friend... but take the first step to learning it. The answers are out there, we just need to find them.

Learning just one lil thing adds to the toolbox from which we'll work.

Do a Li'l
Then there's all that stuff that we know we need to do, but have been putting off... fixing the faucet, cleaning out the garage, returning that phone call. Rather than put it off, which really only keeps it hovering over our lives, why not just 'bite the bullet' and get it out of the way.

Doing a lil something that we don't want to do can bring great relief once it's done.

Do a Li'l More
The stuff we do well, we often take for granted. We think since we do it right, we don't need to do it better. Challenge that. Ask, "can I do a lil something to make this good thing great?" You'll be surprised when you realize you can.

We come into this world taking lil steps. It worked then. It'll work now.


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