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Don't Speed on the Learning Curve...
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The Learning Curve Find Yourself

Life is full of lessons, and those lessons take time to "get." Sometimes we're so distracted by everything else that we don't get it for quite some time. It's not really a problem, as long as we understand that. Unfortunately, it often comes with a lack of patience too. We've become such a Now Generation that we don't even enjoy learning; we just want to know it NOW.

Well, it doesn't work that way… and if we try to speed along the learning curve, we're setting ourselves up to fall off the edge.

Accept it
Acceptance is a huge way of lifting the burden. "It's going to take some time, ok!" That way we're more willing to take the time, because we know we need it.

Set smaller goals along the way
The trip of Life requires snacks and potty breaks. Let's not see it as one long road, but a series of short hops. It'll make the trip go by smoother and be a lot more enjoyable.

Get ready for more curves
The learning curve is not one long curve… it's a series of twists and turns all over the place. We can't see around the bend either, so it's best to just be prepared to turn.

Look for short cuts
That's how everyone else makes it look so easy; they know that there's easier ways to do everything. So we need to find our own short cuts. One we do that, the learning curve won't so look big and menacing after all.

Ask for directions
Other people have "been there, done that" before us; so asking them about their experiences will not only show us short cuts, it'll help us avoid the pitfalls. Don't let their experience go to waste.

Look back every once in a while
When all we do is look forward, it seems like we're never going to get there. Every once in a while, it helps to look back at the progress we've made. It's not only surprising, it can also be comforting.

Show others the way
The best way to learn is to teach. That's because we have to simplify it for someone without our experience. Simplifying it for them often simplifies it for us. So share knowledge and experience; give them directions. Hopefully, they'll take them.


Guru-cize it

Make a map of your learning curve...

• Pick something you're learning or want to learn
• Pick out "Progress Points" along the route
• Estimate the time line (be realistic)
• Seek out advisors (on the web, or organizations, etc.)
• Commit to do it, and stick to it, until you arrive


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