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Have a solid foundation Find Yourself

You can make all the best plans you want. You can build the most beautiful building imaginable, but if your foundation is weak then one day you can lose it all.

“Before you can build your empire, you must lay down your first brick.”
~~ Gurustu


Build the foundation with the building in mind
Is it going to be big or small; tall or wide? Without the end product in mind, you won’t be able to build the right foundation.

These are your goals.

Make sure you have enough
Now that you know what you want, time to make sure you’ve got what you need. Are all the building materials available?

These are your resources (education, skills & finances)

Make sure the material is pure
Faulty material isn’t just the cheap way out, it’s more dangerous. Having a bad foundation can be worse than having none at all.

This is your character and your actions.

Make sure the foundation is solid
The foundation needs time to set in order to be able to hold up the building. Give yourself the proper growing time to become strong.

These are your habits.

No Trespassing
There’s nothing worse than finishing your building, only to find out you’re on someone else’s property. Keep to your own space.

This is your respect.

Build as only you can
Don’t rush or stop because of someone else’s plan. You can build together, that’s fine. Just don’t stop growing.

This is your life.



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