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The Beatles sang "All you need is Love." Although two slices of bread and Love won't make a sandwich, they definitely were on to something. Love, when applied properly can make the difference between an ordinary existence and a fulfilling Life.

To get your life in line with love takes a three step approach…

Do what you love, love what you do and share it with those you love.

Do What You Love
Whether it's your job, or your family or just a hobby, if there's something you really enjoy doing, do it. There's no point putting up with a lot of "stuff" that you don't enjoy waiting for something better to come along. Even if you have to start small, don't put it off for another time.

Love What You Do
When you're doing something, do you take the time to take it in? Do you use that time to express yourself through it? Not everything is black and white, and it's not all gray either. There're a million colors out there to experience. So even if you're doing something that isn't completely fulfilling, bringing in even the tiniest bits of love can change your whole experience of the moment.

Share It With Those You Love.
Fulfilling moments last for the time they happen. Sharing the experience with those you care about elongates the moments… it changes them, enhances them and enriches them. And enriched moments make for a more fulfilling life…

…and to get there, all you need is Love.



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