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Blind Justice Find Yourself

It’s not an easy thing to do; especially when we’re taught to have strong beliefs about right and wrong. Everything around us stirs up some sort of opinion. Yet the most freeing thing we can do for ourselves - and others - is to live our lives without judgment.

We only see a little piece
The world is bigger than our senses… and there’s just so much more going on outside our range than we’ll ever encounter. The smaller the picture, the less likely our judgment will be fair and just. With that margin of error, judgment is not a very safe bet.

Disagreement is not judgment
Not judging doesn’t mean with have to agree with everything. We all see Life from a different angle. It’s okay to believe we have a right view of the world, just as long as it doesn’t mean that everyone else has to be wrong.

Judgment hurts us more
When we judge, everything outside our ideal view becomes a threat. We build walls based on fear and insecurity. We become increasingly isolated; and that robs us of fully experience all the joys Life has to offer.

The strongest person doesn’t have a shell. They don’t need one.

A life without…
The absence of judgment allows us to help others easier, because our focus is on them and not us. It helps us to really know someone or something outside ourselves. We aren’t threatened by others and their opinions. We get to see Life as it is; not how we expect it to be.

Guru-cise it!

Stop talking and start asking…

The next time you find yourself passing judgment; don’t rush to say anything, even in your head. Instead cultivate the desire to ask questions; to get to know someone or something else as it is, not how you think it is. Make sure you don’t ask opinionated questions like “why are you doing that wrong?” but rather leave it open like “why do you do that?” or how about just “why?”

No Judge


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