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Don't Be an Old Dog in the New Year...
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Old Dog in New Year Find Yourself

Life is full of contradictions. As we get older, we’re supposed to be getting wiser. Wisdom means learning new things, and yet we buy into the old excuse that “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” Well, my dear puppies, I’m here to tell you that you can.

Being that the New Year is on its way; and resolutions are flying everywhere, there’s no time like the present to learn.

Forget that you “can’t”
That’s the only thing really holds us back; that we believe we can’t do something. Whether it’s situational (“the job takes up all my time”), relational (“the kids! the kids!”) or motivational (“I just don’t want to do that…”) it all comes down to an excuse not to go after what we want. It seems easier not to do something now, but in the long run, it actually holds us back. Believing in “I can” is the first and most important step. The rest just becomes a matter of “how.”

Forget everything you know now
The more set in our ways we become, the harder it is to learn. That’s why children learn so much faster than us, because they’re more open to everything that comes in. We mustn’t let what-we-know get in the way of what-we-can-become.

Don’t fight contradictions
There are multiple sides to everything in Life… and we only see it from one angle at a time. The opposite angle can really look like it negates the first angle. That’s not true; both sides are true. It’s how we look at it that makes the difference. By being open to the fact that contradictions exist, we won’t get stuck on the narrow side.

Try it
Change happens by doing. We learn so much more by experiencing it first hand. Remember, we always have the option of not doing it again, or going back to our old way. Getting out of our comfort zone actually makes us stronger. Even if it’s only a tiny toe out into the bigger world, stick your toe out!

But wait, there’s more!
It took a long time for us to get the way we are. There was also a lot of other things that helped support our old tricks. Doing something new won’t feel right, unless other things in our lives support them. Don’t just try one new thing; try all the stuff that goes with it too. That’s the only real way to make a new life for yourself in the new year.

Guru-cise it!

DON'T make a resolution …

Resolutions are just empty promises with built in escape clauses in February. Stay away from the generalized commitments like "going to the gym" or "eating right" but rather focus on a specific TASK or ACTIVITY that you want to add into your life. "Learn to ski" fits right into "getting more exercise" without being "exercise."It has a fun factor built into it, which makes it more likely to happen. It's easier to reach a task that a resolution, so this year focus on the thing itself!



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