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Many Reasons for a One Track Mind...
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One Track Find Yourself

People are very diverse; you are very diverse... full of possibility; and you can mix and match your talents in so many ways as to become just about anything. If you try to do it all, you'll become a "Jack(or Jane)-of-All-Trades / Master of None" meaning you'll do a little bit of this and a little bit of that, but really not get very far with any one thing.

It's what I call "wide success" because there's nothing particularly wrong with that. It's just success that goes "sideways."

If you want "far success" however, you'll need to stay on a single track, if you want to go the distance. For that, you need a "one track mind."

It gives you focus
Not only is there a lot going on inside you, there's even more stuff going on outside. It can all be such a blur at times, but if you have a single purpose, you can pick out only what you need to.

It gives you a sense of definition
It also helps to define who you are. How you finish a sentence that starts with "I am..." is very powerful. "I am a writer" ... "I am a construction worker" ... "I am a mother/father" ... "I am rich" or "I am poor."

It gives you a sense of purpose
When you do a little bit of everything, you might get this sense that you don't really make much of a difference. With a one track mind, at least you feel like you're onto something.

You can map it out
When you know what you want, it makes it easier to get there. It's still not necessarily easier to get, but it easier to head in the direction of your desire.

You can see how far you've come
When you're on one track for some time, you can look back and see just hwo far you've travelled. It can be very encouraging to see your past successes lined up. It helps you want to go on.

You can say "no"
There's always going to be distractions along the way. Like small towns alongside the railroad, some will draw your attention. It's OK to take a break and rest a while, but if you have a one track mind, you must get back on it... no settling in and no switching tracks.

What happens when you get there?
There isn't really a destination. You may say I want to achieve this and you actually do, but that doesn't mean you're done with your journey. Could it be that you just didn't see that there are more tracks on the other side of your goal?

The journey continues!!



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