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Out of Darkness...
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Turn the light on! Find Yourself

There are times in your life when things seems so bleak, so hopeless, so totally lost that you have no idea how to get out of the darkness, let alone know if you really can. All is not lost, but all is not found either. In times like these, everything is so dark, you can stumble and fall... so take it slow, feel your way around and look for a light switch…


Don't make rash decisions
In the dark, everything looks the same. Don't base any decision on the way it looks to you now. Think beyond it. Realize that it would look vastly different if it were bright around here, and since you don't have that advantage right now, you can't base everything on what you think you see.

Don't think that the darkness is forever
You sure miss the bright side now, don't you? Somehow you thought it would last forever; but it didn't. Well, this darkness doesn't have to last forever either. What if ''this too shall pass?'' Gives you a little bit of hope, doesn't it; knowing that you will eventually get through this? Think on that... because that little spark of hope that comes from believing it could just be the spark you need to light your way out of the darkness.

There's other ways to know where you are
You are not just your sight. Darkness is just a perception. It makes you believe that you can't ''see'' what's around you. Use your other senses. Darkness is not your enemy; sitting in darkness doing nothing is.

Look for the light
The darker the sky, the brighter the star appears. Acclimate your sight to the darkness and look for those little specs of light. In your despair, it's called ''looking on the bright side'' or ''counting your blessings.'' It's a way to convince yourself that all is not lost... and you need that so you will look for the light.

Learn to shine
What matters is that you have enough light to find your way around, right? You don't have to wait for the light to show up. You can be that source of light yourself. Turn it on.

Just stop


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