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The Power of the Pause ...

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In this world of go-go-go, we've lost the valuable time between our moments. It's easy to become overloaded, overwhelmed and overworked.

We don't really live in the moments, but rather in between... and if we don't take the time to pause, we'll never really take the time to live.

Catch our breath
Breathing is an essential part of life. It's when we take a moment to let the life force enter into us; giving us the energy to meet the next moment. If we don't take the time to catch our breath, we'll quickly become unable to do anything.

Let the dust settle
Many times we kick up a lot of dirt, figuratively speaking. It gets so chaotic around us, that we just can't see anything clearly. Taking a pause will allow everything to settle into what it is meant to be.

Look back
A pause is an excellent time of reflection. There's time between us now and what we did before. Hopefully there's insight in there as well. Since hindsight is 20/20, using the pause to learn more about ourselves is one of the best uses of the moment.

Think ahead
We also have the chance to dream... to take what we've learned and apply it to our plans now. We have a chance to change our lives by looking ahead, seeing where we want to be and making those adjustments in this very moment.

Start anew
A pause also allows us to let go of everything that's weighing us down. After all, the past is the past. Even if we could change it, why bother? It's better to pick it up from here. Make the next moment the one we want to live in; not the last moment that's already gone.

The next moment is right around the corner. When it's time to leave this pause, will you be ready?

Power of Pause
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