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The Price of Bliss...

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Bliss is freeing, but it is never free. There is a lot we have to pay, and even more we have to give up, if we're ever truly going to achieve our bliss..

Give up Complacency
When we're young, we only care about our passions. We have nothing to lose, so we constantly take risks. Yet as we get older, we get more comfortable with our "stuff." We grow tired of trying, and we also get more fearful. What we lose by getting comfortable is the ability to turn our dreams into reality. Complacency must be the first thing to go!

Give up Security
This is a sibling of Complacency, and the biggest casuse for our fears. It's not that we need to put ourselves in danger, but we also have to be willing to give up the illusion that we're really safe to begin with. We're actually stronger the more we're willing to embrace our insecurities.

Give up Old Habits
Habits create actions. Actions create reality. Want a better reality? Get back to the source.

Give up Naysayers
This might be the toughest thing of all, because real people are involved. However we have to realize that there are people in our lives who either don't want us to change, (or worse, to bring us down) for their own selfish reasons. We either have to ignore their comments or avoid them entirely, if we're ever to gain control of our own destinies. Tough, but absolutely necessary.

Pay with Good Old Fashioned Blood, Sweat and Tears
Hey, I didn't say it was gonna be easy. Something worth achieving is something worth working for. Every day has to be dedicated to the life we want to live. There's going to be rough times, but the good will outweigh the price when the payoff comes.

Pay with Hope
Complacency is fear of the losing the past; hopelessness is fear of losing the future. We have to BELIEVE that the dreams are still reachable, or else we'll not put in the time an effort necessary to make it happen.


Guru-cize it

Think back to one thing you wanted to be when you grew up. Write it down. Brainstorm every equivalent that you can do with just a little bit of effort.

Put those items on a To Do list.


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