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Creativity is an amazing creature. Left un-tethered, it can take you to places beyond your imagination. The greatest works of art and science have sprung from creativity.

Unfortunately, disguised as “maturity” or “responsibility” we try to control it; either our own, or others. Yet instead of harnessing creativity, all too often we put on chains, instead of reins… and creativity eventually comes to a complete stop at the end.


The good news is that “creativity” isn’t dead, just because it’s not moving. All it needs I to be set free.

Just be ready for the ride of your life.

Realize that “play” is important
Our childhoods were filled with endless possibilities. We were just too young to realize that there were some real gems of useful ideas in there. We now have a chance to change that.

Give yourself permission to fail
When we fell down back then, we got back up. As we got older, we started to care how that looked like to other people. As long as you plan to keep getting back up, you really don’t have to worry about the fall.

The most brilliant ideas don’t look like it
Thomas Edison had the “hair brained” idea to use human hair in his light bulb. Dumb idea, since that didn’t work… until he decided to create something just like it in metal.

People will judge you… so what?
You can either let people surround you with criticism or you can look back at them from the lead. That’s up to you. Remember that there are two different types of people in the world… those that fear it cannot be done; and others who fear it can be. Don’t be either.

Remember the reins
“Unchained” does not mean “uncontrolled.” You have the choice of how and where your creative juices will go. Before you send them off, make sure you’re pointing in the direction you want to go.

To have more control, you actually have to let go
You actually have to relax; become a part of the process. Pulling too hard on the reins is as powerful as the chain; so ease up.

Enjoy the ride
Isn’t that the whole point anyway? You’re not here just to “let it all out”, you also have “take it in” every once in a while. You might as well enjoy it!!

Let go of fear
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