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Resolutions Revisited...
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The Price of Wrong

New Years sure was inspirational, huh? You had all those plans laid out... even knew exactly how you were going to achieve those goals. That's why they're called resolutions, right? …because you RESOLVED to change your life.

So how's it coming? Did you start? Did you achieve your goals? Are you still doing what you said you were?

The average resolution lasts for a couple of weeks. It usually dies because you really did plan on putting too much life into it in the first place. Your schedule went back to the old way, the cheese danish just looked too good to pass up, "you don't understand, it's not that easy!"

Well, no; most resolutions aren't easy. They don't happen overnight. But just because you may have slipped, or even given up by now, it's not too late to make NEW resolutions, instead of New YEARS resolutions.

First thing, whether you've been successful or not so far, take the time to review the past month. What have you been doing differently? What results have you seen?

Next, make adjustments to your plans. Plans, after all, are just guidelines. Tweaking them as they go along will suit your life better; and not force you into an all-or-nothing situation. Can't really get to the gym three times a week? How about a walking program one night a week after dinner?

And then just get back to it. If you've been sticking to it, congratulate yourself and just keep at it. If you've slipped a little (or a lot) just pretend the last month didn't happen, and start the resolutions THIS month.

Seriously, we're talking about your LIFE here… your WHOLE life... and that's more time than the days between News Years and today… so revisit, review and revitalize those resolutions.

Happy Year!!



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