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The solutions to Life's problems are really, really simple. If you're an alcoholic, stop drinking; if you have money problems, spend wisely; in a bad relationship, get out. But as you know, Life is full of more details than that... and yes, it's easier said than done. It's just that success is in the doing... and doing takes an ever-steady stream of tough decisions.

Think of the greatest good.
We all know the power of immediate gratification, but is that really the best thing for you? If you can hold off on something now, will there be something better later? Is what you're going for now actually keeping you back from getting something better tomorrow? Or worse, actually hurting you? It's important to think about what's BEST, not what's GOOD.

Remember the big picture.
We're often too close to our daily lives to know what's best for us in the long run. We have to take moments along the way to "step back" and get a broader view of our lives. Seeing the bigger picture will help us get a better view of the greater good.

Get sanity checks
If we can't see it for ourselves, it helps to find someone you trust to perhaps give you a fresher perspective. Find a friend, a mentor... a guru :-) Listening to a second opinion can help; if only to have someone to "talk it through" with.

What is the Return on Investment?
This is the question you have to ask yourself. For what I put into it, what will I get out? You want those things that will give you the most return in the long run (remember the bigger picture). If you put in "5" and only get back "10" it doesn't pay you back like putting in a "1" to get "3" ... over time the 1's get you to 15.

Adjust as you go
Moments change around us all the time; so must the decisions. They must be appropriate for the time they are made. Just because it worked before doesn't mean it will work again, and the opposite is true too - a bad idea before might just be right now. Be flexible enough to win.

It's an everyday thing
It's not going to be a single decision. It's going to be a series of decisions; or maybe the same decision over and over again. An alcoholic must always choose between wine and water. Yesterday's decision is never as important as Today's. Today you can do something about it.


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