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Spring Ahead...
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Cherish every moment

Every year, most of the U.S. participates in fooling around with our clocks. An hour in this direction or the other, trying to make the best use of our time. We remember what to do by the saying "Fall Back" (an hour) and "Spring Ahead."

Yet it isn't just about saving some light, or losing an hour of sleep. If we really let ourselves "go with it", there's so much we can learn when we 'spring ahead'...

Take a Flying Leap
Not all progress comes in baby steps, or even in sequence. Many times you go from A to C... or even Z, without any of the steps in between. So if there's a dream life out there for you, just jump into it!

Adjust After the Fact
When we change the clocks, we don't do it five minutes at a time. We go for it and adapt over time. Do the same with your quantum leap. You'll get used to the water once you jump in!

Don't Question It
"How did I get here?" doesn't even have to enter into your vocabulary. "You're here because you leaped here" is all you need to know.

Relish It
Don't wait until you've adjusted before you start to enjoy it. Enjoy first, adjust later.

Leap Again
Why stop at one giant leap when you can have several?


Loose Spring


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