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Love Yourself

When was the last time you thought you were special? Now compare it to the times you thought you were average... or below average? Or maybe you don't think much about yourself at all.

Let's say that getting what you want is a 50/50 chance (you get it or you don't). Now, 50% of special is "pretty darn good," while 50% of average is kind of "so-so"... and let's not even think about 50% of nothing!

Work with what you've got
We're all born with a certain set of skills; and we develop some and ignore others as we grow. They may not be what others have, but they're the cards we've been dealt.

Poker isn't won by the cards you have, but how you play the game.

Grow from Now
Just as we-have-what-we-have, we also have-it-when-we-have-it... and that time is NOW. Thinking about what we used to have, or what we want to have only wastes more time.

Success comes from doing what you can, with what you have, right now.

Make it your own
Even if we do similar things, no one else can do it like you can. You see the world from your angle, you express yourself from your center. You want to see how special you can be, watch what happens when you do it your way.

Every drop of water makes the ocean stronger.

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