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When in doubt...
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Some times doubt is good, like whether or not those pills really grow anything. It’s when you doubt yourself or someone you love, however, that doubt becomes your biggest enemy.

Doubt can lead to mistrust, confusion, hopelessness; which can then surface as hesitancy or even quitting altogether. That, most certainly, results in failure.


What to do when you’re in doubt:

Examine the Doubt
Is there actual validity in your change of mind? Perhaps this is a valid insight and it’s worth changing your position. Remember, doubt isn’t always bad.

Or is it a distraction?
If it’s NOT valid, the doubt can potentially derail all your plans. By exposing doubt as a distraction, it gives you an opportunity to reinforce the original faith you had.

Get back to basics
In the beginning, it was all sparks and fire. Over time the fire dies down and it needs more fuel to keep it burning. By going back to your original intent, it can remind you of why you started in the first place.

Repair the damage
Many times doubt comes from an actual incident that damages your trust and your faith. You can’t cross a bridge that is broken. It may be important enough for you to stop everything that you’re doing and concentrate on fixing the damage.

Move forward
Once you’ve done repairs, even if you’re a little hesitant, it’s vitally important that you get back up and go again.

There is no shame in falling down. The shame is in not getting back up.

Move on
Sometimes the path you’re on is just not going to get you anywhere. Careful, intense, deep-hearted thought is necessary to decide if you just have to get off and take another route.

It is the most drastic, so it’s not something to be done lightly.


Surely you jest
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