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Life in balance Find Yourself

There are going to be times in your life when you look around and everything is where it should be, everything seems so perfect, and you say to yourself 'what's wrong with this picture?'

This is the moment we strive for all the time, yet this is the time we typically mess it all up. It's so easy to set life off balance again, so what can we do to make sure that doesn't happen?

Watch out for boredom.
People need to keep it fresh. Once things start to stay the same, they lose their luster. Bored people sometimes make bad choices... if only to stir things up a bit. Don't go chasing after shiny things; all that glitters ain't gold.

Watch out for complacency.
This is different than boredom, but just as stagnant. You still enjoy what you have, but you settle for it as well. Everything around you is going to get old over time; that's the nature of time. Keep up with new stuff, even as you enjoy the old stuff.

Watch out for sabotage.
You might actually think you don't deserve the nice things; or fear somehow you're going to lose it. Then you subconsciously do things that cause you to do just that. You don't need to prove yourself "right" like that. There's no reason for you to lose. There just isn't.

Share it.
This is different than giving it away. "Give it away" is often sabotage in disguise. Find ways to share what you have with others. Knowledge is a good thing to share, 'cause two people can have it at the same time. Experiences can be shared too. Sharing "stuff" is ok, providing the borrower doesn't forget to give it back. Sharing can enrich everyone by spreading it around.

Don't miss the opportunity to enjoy it.
If you take it for granted, and just sort of expect it to always be around; you're going be to doubly hurt if it does go away... first, because it's gone; secondly, because you didn't enjoy it when it was here. Don't lose this opportunity. Look around at all that you have and just take it all in... like a breath of fresh air.



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