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Vivid Designs Great Site Award

The Vivid Design Awards are given out based on (2) two major areas: Design and Content.

DESIGN of a business web site or personal website is the cornerstone to a successful online presence. This is where visitors will establish a lasting "first impression" of your site. A personal and business web site must show some originality of thought in design, theme, general layout, graphics, and textual material. It does not have to be fancy or high-tech, plain and simple works just fine just as long as it gets its message across. The overall presentation should make the visitor want to come back.

CONTENT of a business or personal web site is the main reason a visitor will return to your site.

(20) Vivid Design Great Site Award

You have won the Vivid Design's Great Site Award. I enjoyed visiting your site very much.

spacer Awarded July 26, 2003  |  Top
Vaughan Vision Gold Award
Vaughan Gold Award spacer

These awards are to honor those webmasters, professional or amateur like myself, who strive with the "vision" to make the internet a better place to be for all of us!

Dear Award Recipient,

You have received our Vaughan's Visions Gold Award. Congratulations!

full size   Awarded July 24, 2003  |  Top
(19)   spacer
Global Web Award

The purpose of the Simming Force Awards is to acknowledge and pay our respects to all the gifted, hard working web designers throughout the world wide web, giving credit to those who can demonstrate a passion for their unique web creations. Many Webmasters pour their hearts and souls into every project they create, whether large or small, complex or simple. It is the magic of the Webmaster's graphic design and mastery of knowledge over particular content that keeps the average surfer coming back to that website, hungering for more - and in the end leaving satisfied and enlightened - or perhaps even inspire.


(18) Global Web Award

I am pleased to inform you that your site has earned the Global Bronze Web Award. Your site featured easy navigation and great content - way to go!

spacer Notified July 22, 2003  |  Top
SweetPea Silver Award
SweetPea Silver Award spacer

The SweetPea awards are for the sites that show that the webmaster/webmistress has put time, energy, love and effort in creating their web site. SweetPea looks for quality web sites with vision.

I am pleased to present you with my SILVER award. I found your site to be very pleasant and great joy.

Congratulations on a site very well maintained and presented.

    Awarded July 12, 2003  |  Top
(17)   spacer
Artabus Silver Award

The purpose of this program is to honor web masters who with great care and attention to detail created their Internet presence. Not only created, but also continue to improve. Now that your 'work-of-art' is open to the public, you deserve some recognition! The Artabus Awards honor the web site owner for their long hours spent in front of a computer screen, weaving a masterpiece and checking each page for any possible error.

Score : 24
Average : 77%

Congratulation, you are the winner of a Silver Award!
spacer Virtual Gallery
spacerAwarded July 6, 2003 (16) Top
Dream World Silver Award
Dee's Dream World spacer

The purpose of this awards program is to reward web masters and mistresses for the fine job they are doing. The incentive of this program is to keep doing great work and to keep our Internet safe for all ages.

Thank you for applying for an award through Dream World Awards, we are happy to announce that you have won our Silver award for a job well done.

You have some interesting information on your site and the lay out and design of the site was very well done.

    Awarded July 4, 2003  |  Top
(15)   spacer
Mindless Perfection Award

Thank you for applying at the MP Awards. After thoroughly reviewing your site, your website has been selected to grant an 'MP MERIT Award'. Our awards are not given out easily. We hope that this encourages you to keep up the great work. We are proud to have you amongst the MP Award winners.

Your site brings out the best in you! Not only you have done an excellent job but made this world wide web more important from your creation. Indeed an colorful and unique site you have!!

We wish you best of luck in the future for more and much to come!!

spacer Mindless Perfection Award
spacerAwarded July 4, 2003 (14)  Top
Perfect World Award
A Better World Award spacer

This award is for sites that promote awareness and action concerning social issues. This would include sites concerning justice, poverty, environmental concerns, religious tolerance and censorship.

This is how your listing appears:
Gurustu's Words O' Wisdom takes an enlight-hearted approach to life, love and happiness. Enlightenment comes from knowing it's OK to be dumb... so enlighten up! Great site. Just visit.

Applicants this week: 20
Winners this week: 1 (that would be me)
(13)   Awarded July 1, 2003  |  Top
WorldWideWeb Gold Award

The World Wide Web Awards Association, and more particularly its various Award Programs, were designed to supply formal recognition and acknowledge the hard work and dedication that each applicant has put into constructing their web sites using their own brand of style creativity, and content.

Congratulations! Your site at: Gurustu's Words O' Wisdom has been selected to receive the World Wide Web Awards "Gold" Award. We see all the hard work and dedication that you have put into constructing your web site and your efforts are well deserved.

Your site displays: Excellent Design and Layout of Website, with quality content and informative information for your visitors. Your site is a wonderful contribution to the Internet Community.

spacer WorldWideWeb Gold Award
Awarded June 25, 2003 (12) Top
FreeWorldGroup Silver Award
FreeWorldGroup Awards spacer

The FreeWorldGroup Webmaster Award was established to give recognition to webmasters and designers who have created quality internet sites characterised by original design, excellent useability and unique content.

Thank you for applying for the FreeWorldGroup Webmaster Award. Your site, Gurustu's Words O' Wisdom, qualified for our Silver Award with a score of 84. Great design, excellent color scheme and easy navigation. You've created a truly unique and interesting site that will bring me back again and again.

    Awarded June 15, 2003  |  Top
(11)   spacer
Nu-Horizons Writers Award

Nu-Horizons Design Studio's awards represent the highest level of creativity and concept and are given to those sites that honour the webmaster's code of ethics.

We thank you for inviting us to visit your home on the Internet. We applaud your site's ease of navigation, obvious hard work, and inspiring content. It is with great pleasure that we give you the Writer's Award.

spacer Nu-Horizons Writers Award
spacerAwarded June 15, 2003  |  Top
Gold Deco Award
Deco Award Gold spacer

The purpose of the Deco Web Design Award is to award sites for their hard work. The Deco Website Awards is presented to sites, whose website design and originality deserve our award Best Of Luck!

Congratulations..! On A Job Well Done
Your Site Has Been Reviewed And Has Been Chosen To Receive The 2003-2004 Gold Deco Award

    Awarded June 15, 2003  |  Top
(9)   spacer
Nem 5 Bronze Award

Of its 11 awards that include Maggic Award (Gold shown), Web Maggic Best - Annual, Art (shown), Writing, Flash Design, Creativity, Resource, Design, and Web Maggic Pet Award . . . that are given to respective sites rich in content and pleasing to the eye.

Your website, Gurustu's Words O' Wisdom, has earned the Nem5 Web Maggic Bronze Award. You have created a truly imaginative and fun site to visit. I really had a great time on your site. Thank you for building such a wonderful addition to the internet community. Good luck in all you do.

spacer Nem 5 Bronze Award
spacerAwarded April 12, 2003 (8) Top
Golden Web Award 03-04
Golden Web 03-04 spacer This is the second Golden Web Award for The Golden Web Awards is presented to those sites whose web design, originality and content have achieved levels of excellence deserving of recognition.
    Awarded Feb 7, 2003  |  Top
(7)   spacer
Mesweet's Bronze Award

For the month of January there were 101 applications for Mesweet's Awards. Nine wonderful sites have been chosen to receive Mesweet's Awards. I am happy to say your site "Gurustu's Words O'Wisdom" was one of the 9 sites chosen and has won Mesweet's Bronze Award for January 2003.

I found your site "Gurustu's Words O'Wisdom" pleasing to the eyes, interactive, easy to navigate and helpful for actors with your actor tips. It's nice when Webmasters share their experience to help others. I enjoyed my visit and had fun putting your puzzle together. Keep up the good work.

spacer Mesweet's Bronze Award
spacerAwarded Feb 1, 2003 (6) Top
Vision Award
Vision Award spacer Wonderful site--the exact type we started the award for !!! Amazing content !!!
Some sites have it, most don't. It's not just that they're fun to surf, but they showed you something new or challenged you in some way. They made you want to come back to see what they'd do next...
    Awarded Jan 19, 2003  |  Top
(5)   spacer
Doug's World Bronze Award

These awards are for site Design and Content that is educational, informative or entertaining and that stand out above the rest. After doing a thorough review of "Gurustu's Words O'Wisdom" we found your website does comply to our strict criteria and it gives me great pleasure to award you with Doug's World Bronze Award. It's quite obvious that you have put your heart and soul into the creation of this site.

spacer Doug's World Bronze Award
spacerAwarded Jan 11, 2003 (4)  Top
Visual Xtreme's Silver Award of Excellence
Visual Xtreme Silver Award spacer This award is given in recognition for the long hours, hard work and positive contributions, web site developers and graphic designers make to world wide web. Sites are evaluated based on: Ease of navigation, Graphic quality, Web site layout and design. Eye candy and Quality flash animation are a definite plus.
    Awarded Jan 5, 2003  |  Top
(3)   spacer
American Association of Webmasters Gold Web Award

The AAWM Awards can be earned at three separate levels - Gold, Silver and Bronze. They are primarily designed to supply formal recognition to webmasters and designers who have shown outstanding achievement in web design content and creativity.

Unlike some Internet Awards, the American Association of Webmasters does not simply hand them out to every applicant.

spacer Gold 2003-2004 AAWM
spacerAwarded Jan 3, 2003 (2)  Top
Golden Web Award 02-03
Golden Web Award spacer The Golden Web Awards is presented to those sites whose web design, originality and content have achieved levels of excellence deserving of recognition.
    Awarded Dec 15, 2002  |  Top
(1)   spacer
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