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Gigi's Dream Catcher Silver Award
Gigi's Dream Catcher Silver spacer

The purpose of the Dream Catcher Awards is to give that special recognition to those sites that were created with those special qualities that make the viewing pleasant.

I have reviewed your site Gurustu's Words of Wisdom in accordance with the criteria for this program. Your site has won the Gigi's dream catcher Silver award. I enjoyed my visit and Congratulation on a job well done.



Criteria & scoring

Site Disqualifiers - passed  

content score 25

Graphics score 45

5 pages original content y

original graphics 50% - y

contact page or email y

all graphics load y

updates or site news page y

All graphics have alt tags -1


navigation score 45

Other elements score 20

navigation menu on every page y

Site loads in under 1 minute - y

internal links open same y

Site has a copyright - y

external open separate -1

rated child safe n


Design score 40

points deducted 0

Consistent design y

Flash intro that cant be skipped

Readable text y

Music that has no way to turn it off

same font used y

More than 3 animated graphics per page

Creative site design - n = horizontal scroll 1 page

trailing cursers that make it hard to view or read

good use of graphics y


Total score - 175 = Silver


    Awarded November 15, 2003  |  Top
(40)   spacer
Search Engine Friendly Award

Search Engine Friendly Award is created to make webmasters aware of the need to spend (more) time on an often neglected aspect of web-design : Search Engine Optimization. This award is not a give-away ! To make this award worth fighting for, sites are carefully considered to be included in our winners database.

We had a look at your site and decided to give you the 'Search Engine Excellence Web Award' !
We rated your site with 1 stars (out of 5).

Your site looks good, and a good page rank in Google (PR4).

Stu's note: One star is a good start... and the feedback they provided will help make this site even better in the future! A star is born !!
spacer SEF-1
spacer Awarded Nov 14, 2003  |  Top
Webthrower Bronze
Webthrower Bronze spacer

The purpose of award program is to recognize the outstanding achievements of individual designers that continue to help mold the Internet experience for others to enjoy.

You have won a " Bronze award"... Congratulations!!! We can see the hard work you put into your site and you met all of our criteria to win the "Bronze Award" with a high score of 70.

We are glad to give you the recognition that you deserve. We wish you much success in your endeavors.

Thanks for helping make the Web a more interesting and attractive place to visit.


    Awarded November 9, 2003  |  Top
(38)   spacer
Lindor Silver Award

Lindor's Award is for excellence in Web Page Design. (For all the hard work, time and effort, originality and talent that have been put into a Web Site).

You have just won one of Lindor's Awards!
The SILVER one!
Lindor's Award is rated on AWARD SITES! level 2.5
Thank you for submitting for the Lindor's Award!

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spacer Awarded Nov 9, 2003  |  Top
LoneStar Silver Award
Lone Star Silver Award spacer

The purpose of the Lone Star Award, to reward the webmaster who has taken the time to develop a website which is aesthetically pleasing, easy to navigate, built on a foundation of HTML or other coding that is strong and user-friendly, with content showing excellent spelling and grammar. This webmaster knows that these are the cornerstones of a professional-looking site. These things show that you care enough about your site to do the job right.

We enjoyed our visit to your site and have completed our review. It is my great pleasure to award you with a Silver Lone Star Design Award, which is attached. Your web site has been added to our Winners list at


    Awarded Oct 13, 2003  |  Top
(36)   spacer
Spot On Award of Excellence

Book Look UK offers three awards to Web sites that are exceptionally well constructed, in recognition of the long hours, hard work and positive contributions, Web site developers and graphic designers make to the World Wide Web. Sites are judged based on ease of navigation, content, graphic quality, page layout and design by book-look's award team.

I am delighted to tell you that we have now assessed your Web site ( and, based on the ease of navigation, content, graphic quality, page layout and design, we have awarded you our "Spot On" award for Web site excellence.

spacer Spot On Award of Excellence
spacer Awarded Oct 10, 2003  |  Top
MBEAP Gold Award
MBEAP Gold Award spacer

The purpose of MPEAP Award Program, is to recognize those International sites of outstanding quality in content and design. There are 10 awards: Elite, MBEAP Excellence Gold, Silver, Bronze and Merit, for comercial and personal sites. MBEAP Gold, Silver and Bronze; for personal sites with literary, artistic or educational content; and the Excellence and Pet awards.

Thank you for applying for my Award!... I have reviewed your site, and wish to congratulate you for the superb job you've done... You have a great site
with excellent design, content, and easy to access... I was very impressed with your work; I've just love it!... It is my pleasure to award you with MBEAP Gold Award, Congratulations!!


    Awarded Oct 2, 2003  |  Top
(34)   spacer
Red Paw Award

The purpose of the Red Paw Award program is to reward and encourage creations of web sites that are easy to use, see, understand, and navigate for the "ordinary" user of the world wide web.

Thank you for applying for Red Paw Award. I have visited your site "Gurustu's Words of Wisdom" several times and enjoyed it very much. Your site is really showing a lovely approach to life, love and happiness! I simply love the statement "Enlightenment comes from knowing it's OK to be dumb". That is so true. Thank you for creating such a funny and thoughtprovoking web site.

Your web site also fulfill the criteria for my award and it is with great pleasure I give it to you. I hope you will accept it.

spacer Red Paw Award
spacer Awarded Sept 22, 2003  |  Top
Majon Seal of Excellence
Majon Seal of Excellence spacer

Majon's offers their Most Prestigious Award for outstanding web sites that rise above the rest in content, design and usability.

Recently we enjoyed a very pleasant visit to your web site!
It is with great pride that we announce that your web site is a
WINNER of our esteemed Majon Web Select "SEAL OF EXCELLENCE AWARD"


    Awarded Sept 22, 2003  |  Top
(32)   spacer

SpeedyAdvert Webmaster Award is meant to recognise & award webmasters for their effort, dedication and hard work in building & maintaining their web sites.

It is with pleasure that I award your site with our peedyAdverts Webmaster Award! Well Done!

Your site is excellent in navigation and coding, has a nice design and lots of contents.

Your site loads well in Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator & Opera Browser.

You can find your site listed here:

Best Regards
Ratings: WebsAwards 9.5, Award Sites! 4.0, OAI 3.0, UWSAG 3+, EAI 2.0

spacer SpeedyAdverts
spacer Awarded Sept 19, 2003  |  Top
BearzWeb 110% Award
Bearz 110% spacer

The 110% award is not an easy award to win. We take pride in our award and the sites that have achieved it. Not just any web site will be given the 110% Prestige Award, every web site is reviewed and judged before any decision is made.

Your web site has to show imagination and offer some form of your own content, not just excessive links to other sites.

After reviewing your web site, you have been awarded the BearzWeb 110% Prestige Award. Your web site definitely gives 110% to the Internet community.

We are honored that you submitted your web site to our awards program. Thank you again for your enjoyable web site, and please take care.

    Awarded Sept 16, 2003  |  Top
(30)   spacer
The Big Kahuna Silver Award

The purpose of the Kahuna Kreations Award Program is to recognize sites that show creativity, sound technical principles, and make the web more enjoyable for all.

Your site has been selected for Kahuna's Very Kool Website Award. This is the "Silver" version of our Awards program, and demonstrates web building skill, interesting content and/or creative flair. These awards are NOT easy to win, so you should be proud of your accomplishment. Once again, Congratulations, and thanks for making the web a more interesting place to be!

spacer ig Kahuna Silver
spacer Awarded Sept 14, 2003  |  Top
NWESS Gold Award
NWESS GOLD Website Award spacer

The NWESS Website Award Program is a four (4) level award program which recognizes those webmasters & webmistresses in the private and commercial sector that utilize imagination, creativity, graphic layout and useful content to educate and/or entertain its viewers.

The design staff at NWESS is pleased to announce that your site has won the “NWESS GOLD Website Award”. What an entertaining website to visit. I should have a “constant chuckle award” to present – just for this site. Keep up the good work—as I’m sure you know . . . a good web presence is never finished. It’s always a “work in progress”. :o)

  • Nice layout and interface – I loved it. It was easy to navigate and you have a great eye for color. Superb!
  • Content was entertaining and very enjoyable. I especially liked your Demo Reel!
  • Your graphics loaded very quickly (hilarious too!). No broken icons (Great Job!).

    Awarded Sept 8, 2003  |  Top
(28)   spacer
Web Tree Gold Award

The Web Tree Award is looking for great web site design , layout and content. Original graphics that make a superior design. This is were you score most of the points. Layout being that the colors you choose do not clash and the user can navigate their way around easily. Creative writing will definitely get more points.

Your site was great to visit Keep up the good work.
You have earned the GOLD Award

spacer Web tree Gold Award
spacer Awarded Sept 1, 2003  |  Top
Misspeds Silver Award
Misspeds Silver spacer

The purpose of the Misspeds Award is to reward the creative and innovative webmasters who have taken their own time, worked hard and shown dedication in creating respectable, well designed, useful, informative, interesting and unique sites.

I am pleased to announce that your web site has won one of my awards. My awards are not easy awards to win at any not an easy award to win at any level. A lot of hard work and dedication was evidenced. Your layouts and color schemes are wonderfully chosen. You have taken on some unique design tasks and executed them beautifully. I congratulate you on a job well done!

Misspeds Awards is honored to have my award displayed on your most prestious site. Your score was 84/100

I was highly impressed with the deep and thought-provoking information that was present on your site. That, together with a sober but stylish design and good navigation, makes it worthwile for me to award it.

    Awarded August 27, 2003  |  Top
(26)   spacer
You're An Inspiration Award

The Path of the Heart Award is offered to sites that inspire its visitors in some way. It is designed to recognize webmasters for their care and compassion in wanting to make this world a better place to live in.

"I simply adore your website and couldn't stop myself from checking it all over and finding just TONS of things that I love about it! I would be so honored for you to accept the 'You're an Inspiration' award.

Thank you for allowing me to visit your humble home on the web!"

Love and Light,
Path of My Heart

spacer You're an Inspiration
full size
spacer Awarded August 26, 2003  |  Top
Kalamuart Gold Award
Kalamuart Gold Award
full size

Doby London's Kalamuart showcases his art work, poetry and offers awards to web sites that exhibit good content, originality and quality design.

I really enjoyed my stay at your site. It's very entertaining and I found a number of intesting things to check out. Please find attached, the Kalamuart Gold Award. You can link it back to . Thank you for applying for my award, and best wishes.

(24)   Awarded August 24, 2003  |  Top
Split Hope Awards
Split Hope Gold Award


Split Hope is a site dedicated to helping people with mental disorders. Its award program is designed primarily for other sites that wish to help others through the web.

Great site, very nicely laid out.

I found your questions and answers as well as your forum to be very supportive.

spacer Split Hope Compassion and Support Award
    Awarded August 23, 2003  |  Top
    spacer (22/23)  
Advanced Web Design Silver Award

From Mackey Web Design:

Congratulations, your site has won the Advanced Web Design Award !

We have found that your site is well thought out, very pleasant to look at, and serves a definite purpose. It is compelling to its viewers, has informative content, originality, excellent design, and leaves in its visitor's mind the image of a quality site.

spacer Advanced Web Design Silver Award
spacer Awarded August 17, 2003  |  Top
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