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Becky K's Awards

Becky K gives visitors all the support and encouragement possible.  It takes a stand against all forms of Family Violence, and helps those who suffer from MS to accept and gain the ability to deal with their disease.  The mission of this website is to be there for those who need the support.

After visiting your website, I found it to be a very terrific place... It is well designed and meets all my criteria... You have received the award you asked for on your application...

I have also given you the Candle of Light Award for helping others and spreading your light over the internet. I have also given you the top award I give out, the Gold Cup of Excellence Award.... Congratulations!!!!!!!!!

Your website deserves it. It is a very good website and your hard work and determination are appreciated.

spacer Web Design Classic Silver Award
Web Design Classic Silver Award
Web Design Classic Silver Award
spacer Awarded Jan 19 ,2005  |  Top
Taz-Ent Cool Website Gold Award
Taz-Ent. Gold Website Award


The Taz-Ent Awards are presented to sites for graphics & design, originality, content and ease of navigation.  These sites deserve recognition for all the hard work that goes into building and the maintaining their sites.

We are pleased to present you with the  GOLD Taz-Ent Cool Website Award. We have visited your site and found it's originality, content and ease of navigation most enjoyable. It displays a high standard of quality and organization.



    Awarded Jan 10, 2005 |  Top
Middle Earth Forest Elegance Award

The Middle Earth's Awards reward those individuals who have gone out of their way to make everyone's experience here on the web just a little bit more enjoyable.
It takes a lot of time and devotion to keep a website up and running and we feel that effort should be awarded.

spacer Forest Elegance Award

Thank you so much for submitting your site to our awards program. I really enjoyed my visit to your site. I had a great time reading though everything there and taking that color (I am pale green), fast food condiment (I was Ketchup as well) and M&M quiz (LOL I am Yellow too by the way LOL). Thank you so much for all your hard work .

spacer Awarded Dec 18,2004  |  Top
Silver Lexi Award of Excellence
Lexi Award spacer

The Lexi Award of Excellence is to encourage those websites that show hard work, determination and excellence in website design. They offer awards in recognition of the hard work and skills displayed in creating these terrific websites.

What a fun site! Thank you for inviting us to visit. We are pleased to tell you that you qualify to win the Lexi Silver Award. The Silver Lexi Award of Excellence are presented to those sites whose web design, originality and content have achieved levels of excellence deserving of recognition.



    Awarded Dec 17, 2004 |  Top
Ashkelon Gold Award

The Ashkelon Treasure Awards says:

Dig at the ancient seaport of Ashkelon, capital of Canaanite kings, harbor of the Philistines, and stomping grounds of the biblical hero, Samson. Uncover the past and excavation a Gold, Silver or Bronze award for your
personal or commercial website!

Congratulations on a Superb website!
You win our ASHKELON GOLD Award!

spacer Crystal Award
spacer Awarded Nov 23,2004  |  Top
SMHAI Awards
SMHAI spacer

The SMHAI Award strongly believes in encouraging the building of Internet sites that are informative, appealing to the eye, and family safe. This award recognizes webmasters, who have worked hard to build a quality website, that effectively provides credible and reliable information plus is a valuable resource.

Your site is so refreshing. We truly enjoyed visiting a site that brings a smile to the Internet world.
You have made the Internet a much better place.

Congratulations on creating a Great site!



    Awarded Nov 15, 2004 |  Top
Crystal Award

The Crystal Awards evaluates sites based on criteria of accessibility, user-friendliness, content, navigation, aesthetics, and ethics/legality. A Crystal Award will be given only to websites that show that they have something to contribute to the community and that they share principles of honesty, tolerance, and consideration for others.

Congratulations! Your website - Gurustu's Words of Wisdom - has met my criteria and has won a Crystal Award.

"Wisdom: experience and knowledge together with the power of applying them critically or practically".... This is a site that truly lives up to its title! You have a rare gift of being able to present philosophy with humour, and to give advice with empathy. I thoroughly enjoyed exploring Gurustu's Words of Wisdom, which I have added to my own personal list of favourite sites.

spacer Crystal Award
spacer Awarded Nov 17,2004  |  Top
Jazz Alley XG Awards
Jazz Alley spacer

The Jazz Alley XG Award was created to acknowledge and give respect to web designers throughout the world. The award is given to website owners that show a passion for what they believe is true to their heart. To determine if you're true to your site, you must demonstrate innovative, creative, good clean content, or have a attractive web design that shows who you are as a person. A picture is worth a thousand words, If you show your passion and respect for the World Wide Web then you will be rewarded for your hard work.

It gives us great pleasure to inform you that Gurustu's Words of Wisdom has won the Jazz Alley XG Silver Award against our criteria. Please note that all decisions are final. Your score: 92 out of 100.

We have enjoyed visiting Gurustu's Words of Wisdom. Your site showed us over all that you have Passion from the Heart and you show passion in your content. We found your site to be well constructed, easy to navigate, consistent in theme, style and color and all of the internal and external links are in good working order. You have shown that you have put a lot of hard work into your site. We would like to thank you for inviting us to your site and for keeping our web community safe and clean. Congratulations on a job well done!



    Awarded July 22, 2004 |  Top
Super Web Award

The Super Web Awards program was established to achieve a goal, to complete a mission. This mission was to recognise all the hard-working webmasters around the world who jostle for website supremacy.

Thank you for your Super Web Awards entry. Your marks are as follows:

Loading Time 8/10.

Content 28/30. Well written content about a range of topics. Clear site purpose. Evident privacy policy.

Design 17/20. Neatly set out design with good colour coordination and easily readable text.

Navigation 13/15. Standard navigation bar with sitemap. Consistent with solid core design.

Creativity 12/15. What does your site have to offer the viewer? Words of wisdom. Interesting content. Standard design.

Graphics 9/10. Sparingly used but well used.

TOTAL= 87/100.

Congratulations, you have now won a Grade 2 Super Web Award. You have displayed superior content to other sites and this is a testimony to your hard work and commitment.

spacer Super Web Award
spacer Awarded May 31 ,2004  |  Top
The Grafix Guy Silver Award
The Grafix Guy Silver spacer

The Grafix Guy Award hopes to personally offer a well-deserved "atta-boy" or "atta-girl." to those who have taken the time and effort to create a truly great web site.

Thanks for inviting us to review your website. Your site truly does have a lighthearted feel to it.

The colors used on the site work well together and the site are easy to read. Additionally, the information contained is presented in a fun way that
does not detract from the message and is quite fitting to the overall theme of the site.

With a score of 38 points, your site has won our SilverStar Award. Please accept the award with our congratulations; your site truly deserves the award.

Thank you again for adding your wonderful talent to the Internet.



    Awarded May 4, 2004 |  Top
Innovative Award

The main purpose of the Innovative Award Program is to bring sites together that present new thoughts and new aspects of possibilities- to manage life in the coming centuries.

The mission of Your sites to give people their full potential is honerable! Your daily thoughts are inspiring! The guru toons are funny, and guru stuff is very nice. Your life has been very interesting!
You meet all criterias of content, presentation, design and in general give inspiration to visitors of Your sites- Congratulations!- You have won "Innovative Site Award"- this award is listed at QIWA, the evaluator is member of Ethics Pledge, and member of AwardSites! Assembly Forum.

spacer Innovative Award
spacer Awarded April 19,2004  |  Top
Rudolfs Wander-Award Gold
Wander Gold spacer

The Rudolf Wander Awards was designed to "give inducement to other Webmasters for their effort, I applied my own Awards that I will lend to deserved home pages. This Award is listed in different indices."

I have visited Your site three times and I decided, that You have earned my Rudolfs Wander-Award in Gold.

> The first impression: 5 of 5 points
> Design: 12 of 15 points
> Load time: 10 of 10 points
> Navigation: 10 of 10 points
> Clearness:: 5 of 5 points
> Content: 12 of 15 points
> Links: 6 of 10 points
> Orthography: 5 of 5 points
> Specials: 5 of 10 points
> Update-Info: 5 of 5 points
> Personal impression: 10 of 10 points

You earned 85 points for Your page. This is my award in gold.

Have many pleasure with my award.



    Awarded April 11, 2004 |  Top
Cabobble Merit Award

The Cabobble Award was designed to honor the hard work and efforts needed to produce high-quality websites; To promote the work of sites contributing to excellence, enjoyment, beauty, integrity, and a sense of conscious on the Web, and to further open the doors to sharing, goodwill and caring that we hope will one day pervade the most influential medium in the history of communication.

A clever, clean site full of easy navigation and wonderful self
deprecating humor.

We are pleased to award you the Merit Award from our site.

We are AS! 3.0 and UWSAG 1.0+
A vote has been cast for you at UWSAG!

spacer Cabobble Merit
spacer Awarded April 8,2004  |  Top
Mystic Mage Gold Award
Mystic Mage spacer

The Mystic Mage Awards look to honor the hard work you've put into every aspect of your website. In other words, we see your challis half full rather than half empty. So it is with this concept which I, the Mystic Mage, and each of Mystic Mage's World award evaluators, seak to find the Unusual, the Excellent, and the Beautiful elements that your website has to offer.

Congratulations! We are pleased to present you with the Gold Website Award of Excellence. We have visited your site and found it most enjoyable and enlightening. It displays a high standard of quality, and organization.



    Awarded April 4, 2004 |  Top
Southern Nytes Award

The Southern Nytes Award recognizes website owners/builders that have built an elegant site on the web. With emphasis on navigation,design and originality. Your site should also be friendly to everyone.


Your site has been chosen as a winner of The Southern Nytes Award of Elegance for this month. It was a pleasure to visit your site. I am impressed.

There is only one Southern Nytes Award. We do not give Bronze,Silver, Gold, etc. Your site has to be exceptional to win this award.

spacer Southern Nytes
spacer Awarded April 1,2004  |  Top
FunTyme Bronze Award
FunTyme Bronze spacer

The FunTyme Awards are given to those who show outstanding interest in making their web sites the best that they can and making the web a better place for all that view the sites therein. Your site does not have to be fancy but it should have a personality.

The Fun Tyme Entertainment Awards Program salutes your dedication and congratulates you on being a winner of our Bronze Award. The award program is rated 3.0 by Awards Site!

Our awards are not easy to obtain at any level and to win our award is a great achievement. You being a winner shows that you have put the effort needed into your site and have made it an asset to the www.


    Awarded March 12, 2004 |  Top
StormKeeper Award

The StormKeeper Award was established to recognize websites which show excellence in design,originality and effort in construction. We strive to recognize the hard work, ingenuity, uniqueness and integrity of the web site owner. You are not expected to be an expert. Knowing and using with knowledge basic html in building a site that pleases not only others, but yourself. This award is not for sites that are just "thrown together" and placed on the web. You must demonstrate pride in your work. I am not a master of website building and I do not expect you to be. I have found that sometimes simple is better than complex.

Your site has been chosen as a winner of The StormKeeper for this month.
It was a pleasure to visit your site. you have a great site.

There is only one award, no bronze,silver,gold--so to receive this
award your site must be exceptional.
StormKeeper is rated 3 by Award Sites as of February 2004.

spacer Storm Keeper
spacer Awarded March 11,2004  |  Top
Handyman's Gold Award
HandyMan's Gold spacer

It takes allot of work, creativity and stick-to-it-of-ness, but well worth the effort. Awarded to those sites that meet the criteria for the Cream of the crop,
"The Handyman's Gold".

I reviewed your site and really enjoyed learning about you and your adventures, great site.....handy.

Congratulations, Your site has been awarded the "Handy Gold Award" for an excellent site.


    Awarded March 10,2004  |  Top
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