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Capital Concept Award

Capital Concept Award


The Capital Concept Award aims to reward websites which are simply something new, something great, or something clever. Unlike other "web awards" we certainly don't simply award anyone who applies, only the very best sites stand a chance.

I am pleased to inform you that your site has qualified for the award! This means that our judges found that your site had something which was truly of use to people, that your site looked like it really cared- and that is a great thing! Congratulations!

Your site will be added to the Winners page and Capital Concept Directory soon!



    Awarded mar 4, 2006 |  Top
Baupar Bronze Award

The Baupar Award program hopes to revolutionize the industry by bringing about the realization that websites are more than flashy graphics but the ability to communicate with whomever one desires with ease .

First Impression - 8/10 Points Nice look, bright and "happy"
Functionality - 30/30 Points
Graphics- 10/20 Points Kind of basic but still pleasing to the eye
Content- 18/20 Points Vast amount of content, plenty to read and the hope for more as well
Code - 5/5 Points looks good
Dynamic Content - 0/25 Points None found
Total - 71 points
Great job sir, keep up the great work, I am proud to honor you with the bronze B

spacer Baupar Bronze
spacer Awarded jan 24, 2006  |  Top
GID Gold Award
the Global Directories Internet Award for Excellence in Web-Site Design and Presentation
Click Here to Win this Award for Excellence in Web-Site Design and Presentation


GID is a brand new organization offering free the opportunity to both judge the web-sites of others and have your web-site assessed by your peers in the industry. The awards are offered to web-sites based on content and presentation, Gold for those sites that are complete and excellent in every respect and Silver for sites that our judges feel can still be improved.

I award this website the gold award for these reasons:
The site is put together very nice !! All images have appropriate ALT tags. site rated (G) = Family & can also Translate this site in 8 different languages. Very well done I really enjoyed my visit to this site.This site is complete and excellent in every respect I really liked this site.Keep up the good work and make the Internet a better place.
Judge For:The Global Internet Directories Award
for Excellence in Web-Site Design and Presentation!



    Awarded dec 16, 2005 |  Top
1 Page Design Silver Award

Sites awarded the 1 Page Design Silver Award are generally very good sites but contain small deviations from the ideal criteria. These sites are among the best on the web in design and content showing the amount of time spent.

We are pleased to announce that our Awards Evaluation Team has reviewed your website. After careful examination, and judging your site against our award program criteria, it has been decided that your website has won:
"The 1 Page Design Silver Award 2005"


spacer 1 Page Design Silver Award
spacer Awarded dec 15, 2005  |  Top
Animation Gold Award
Reach for the Stars Award


The Animation "Reach for the Stars" Gold Award recognizes the hard work, creativity, research of the content and hours of countless work that goes into creating a superior web site that stands out above the rest.  The "STARS" Award is a small gesture of appreciation for all that hard work involved in creating an excellent website.

Thank you for submitting your site for consideration of the "Stars" Award. Your site has been reviewed and I want to congratulate you on a site well done.  It certainly has lots of fun and I enjoyed your thought for the day and motovational thoughts.  I found your site entertaining, full of good content, easy to navigate and very eye appealing.



    Awarded dec 5, 2005 |  Top
Animation Playhouse Silver Award

The Animation Playhouse would like to reward those truly outstanding websites with our award for creativity, design and excellent navigation skills. Our award is open to both business and personal sites.

I enjoyed visiting your site. It is fun, designed well and easy to navigate around. The colors you've chosen for your site just "display come on in to a fun site". Congratulations on qualifying for our award. Congratulations on a really nice site!!


spacer Animation Playhouse Silver
spacer Awarded nov 3, 2005  |  Top
Arcanelife Awards
Arcanelife Award


The mission and purpose of the Arcanelife Awards is divided into two parts. A) To practice true professionalism, integrity and credibility in award giving. B) To encourage better built, better designed, more efficient websites across the internet.

I've completed my evaluation of your site "", you have achieved a score of 73 points which qualifies you for the Arcanelife Merit Award. In the "My Opinion" portion of scoring, your site evaluated fine.   I commend you on the unique and original concept of your website. The major areas where you lost points are predominantly in reference to Navigation and Organization.  A thorough "cleaning" of unneccessary aspects within your pages could go a long way to make things less overwhelming and cluttered.
Best regards,

Stephen Saunders



    Awarded oct 17, 2005 |  Top
Silent Tears Silver Award

The Silent Tears Award was designed to provide formal recognition and acknowledge the hard work, dedication and (not always so silent) tears that each applicant has put into constructing their web site. The "tear" represents those that were shed through all of the trials, errors, frustrations and joy. The "star" represents a star that is moving upward, and by far one of the brightest.

I am very pleased to announce that I have completed my evaluation of Gurustu's Words of Wisdom and found it to be very interesting, content rich, and humorous.  You have obviously devoted much of your time. With the successful score of 87/100, I would like to present you with my Silent Tears Silver Award.  Congratulations Stuart!


spacer Silent Tears Silver
spacer Awarded oct 14, 2005  |  Top
Idiom Sisters Content Rich Site
Winner of The Idiom Sisters Award for Content-Rich Sites


The Idiom Sisters likes classy. Cohesive. Cogent. Clear. Whether you submit a business or personal site, please apply only if you have a high-quality site with excellent whose purpose is clearly defined at the site opening.

Copy is king, but Site Design and Navigation are vital members of the royal family. We appreciate good grammar and style, efficient communication, and regard for site visitors.

Congratulations on winning The Idiom Sisters Content-Rich Award! You'll find your site listed here:



    Awarded Sep 28, 2005 |  Top
Katstorm Site Design Award

The Katstorm Award is one of the most difficult to win. Less than 5% of all submissions actually win this award. If you win the Award, your site will be listed among the recipients with a link back to your site.

Katstorm and Co. is proud to present you with our web site design award. Your web site was thoughtfully reviewed and found to meet all of the necessary requirements to merit receiving our award.

We enjoyed your site so much that as a bonus your website will also be advertised in our weekly newsletter. Again, Congratulations, well done!

Katherine Cook
CEO Katstorm and Co.

spacer Katstorm Award - Apply Today
spacer Awarded sep 22 , 2005  |  Top
CSB Silver Award
CSB Silver


The CSB Award is to reward Webmaster for the hard work to make the web useful, and a place where anyone can navigate. A site must be a mix of useful content, original design and good structure, and this is not simple, but not only professionist of the web can make this. CSB Award program award only best site and is not simple to achieve.

Congratulation Stuart ,

You win silver award of CSB Award Program. Attached to this email you will find the official evaluation sheet, and silver award with id S01305.

Thank you for interest in CSB Award Program and again congratulation for your beautiful site.

CSB Award Program
AS! 3, F.R.I. 2



    Awarded Sep 11, 2005 |  Top
FireStarter Pyrography Gold Award

The Firestarter Award is for excellence in Web Page Design. For all the hard work, time and effort, originality and talent that have been put into a Web Site.

Dear Stuart,
Many thanks for letting me evaluate your site. I am happy to say that you have scored: 94/100. You have won my "gold award'!
Your site demonstrates excellent navigation, design and content. It is a site that you can browse for hours and indeed is enlightening!

spacer FireStarter Pyrography Gold Award
spacer Awarded june 5, 2005  |  Top
World Wide Web Championship Eye Pleaser Graphics Belt
WWW Eye Pleaser


The Championship Belts are a collection of unique awards that Eye Pleaser Graphics present to deserving sites. The purpose of this awards program is to give recognition to sites that have displayed knowledge and skill above and beyond the normal level of modern HTML writers and webmasters.

Thank you for your submission to Eye Pleaser Graphics Championship Belts.

Your site has been evaluated and we are proud to send you a copy of the World Wide Web Championship Belt to display on your site.

Thank you and Congratulations again from the Eye Pleaser Graphics Team.



    Awarded May 7, 2005 |  Top
Frozen Angel Award

The Frozen Angel Award is a "thank you" to and recognition of web pages and the programmers behind them. The intention is to award sites which are fun, attention grabbing and one which they love to recommend.

Dear Stuart,
The power of your site are the words. Sometimes with a smile in the corner of the eye, sometimes ironic, sometimes thought-provoking and somtimes just funny... It´s very impressive to read your short notes, the quotations or the thoughts about different topics and I am sure, nearly every visitor will be able to find a piece of the own ideas in your written words. That´s a special kind of virtuosity :)

I´m glad to send you my "Frozen Angel" Award with the ID-Nr. 011/05 for your interesting site and hope you accept it!

All the best from Germany, Petra, awardmistress of the "Frozen Angel" awardprogram

April 10, 2005
AS! 4.0 UWSAG 3.0+

spacer Frozen Angel Award
spacer Awarded apr 10, 2005  |  Top
Down Home Gold Award
Down Home Gold


Thank you for applying for a Down Home Deals Award. The following is the scoring that I have come up for your website:

First Impressions - 4/5
Download time - 1/2
Color Scheme - 1/2
Text used - 2/2
Graphic clarity - 2/2
Consistency - 2/2
Meta Tags & ALT Tags - 2/2
Page titles - 2/2
Spelling and Grammar - 2/2
Contact Information - 2/2
Legal/Privacy Information - 2/2
Copyright Information - 2/2
Giving credit where credit is due - 2/2
Easy Navigation - 2/2
Informational Content - 2/2
Proper HTML Coding - 2/2
No error pages or redirects due to improper coding - 2/2
Family Safe website - 2/2
Secret Phrase - 4/4

Your total score is 40 out of a possible 39 for a PERFECT Score Plus... I am proud and honored to present you with our Gold Star Award.

Thank you and good luck in the future with all you strive for.



    Awarded Apr 9, 2005 |  Top
Jerry D's Silver Award

The JerryD's Site Award's primary purpose and mission is to recognize superior websites which reflect the webmaster's exceptional hard work and dedication. The webmaster does not need advanced technical expertise to receive our awards.

Hi and Congratulations! Your site - Gurustu's Words of Wisdom -   has been accepted as a winner of JerryD's Silver Award, Rated AS! 4.5. We were impressed with your site as a great contribution to the internet. Your site has nice graphics and wonderful navigation. Our awards are not easy to win so keep up the great work.

spacer JerryD's Silver Award
spacer Awarded mar 30, 2005  |  Top
Animation Playhouse Thumbs Up Gold Award
Animation Playhouse Gold


The Animation Playhouse Awards would like to reward those truly outstanding websites with our award for creativity, design and excellent navigation skills. Our award is open to both business and personal sites. Our goal is to award those sites who have worked hard to make the best site ever and continue to improve their sites!

Congratulations on a very nicely designed site. You have really put in a lot of work and time into this site to have this much useful information! Congratulations you have attained the points needed to win our award.



    Awarded Mar 19, 2005 |  Top
Invision Graphic Award

The Invision Graphic Award shows that you have achieved excellence in website design and continue to do so. They help to set your viewers at ease and assures them that they are visiting a quality environment committed to excellence.

After careful consideration and evaluation of your site, we are honored to present you with the Web Design Award! The site evaluation requested on was very pleasant on the eyes and very well structured out and categorized into specific sections this was a job well done and worthy of our award!

We know how much work and dedication that has gone into this great web site that you have built and we have found your site to be among the best on the Internet and hereby award you with the Web Design Award!

Your current report card for your site:

How your web site was judged?

  • Creativity and Design =30%
  • Programming + Browser Compatibility/Etc. =20%
  • Ease of use and navigation   =20%
  • Color and Scheme   =20%
  • Equaling =90%

Congratulations on a Job well Done!

spacer Invision Graphics
spacer Awarded feb 27, 2005  |  Top
NeoDinian's Black Widow Silver Award
NeoDinian's Black Widow Silver


The NeoDinian Black Widow Awards are presented to recognize the achievements of a Webmaster in content, design and overall construction of their website. The amount of talent found on the Internet is immeasurable and this is a small way to show appreciation for all of the hard work and dedication.

You are being presented with the "NeoDinian's Black Widow Award - Silver".  You worked long and hard on your site and regularly add new content. You offer your visitors many things for inspiration and 'enlightenment'. You site is pleasing to the eye and very well laid-out.

Keep up the hard work.



    Awarded Feb 1, 2005 |  Top
Web Design Classics Award

The Web Design Classics would like to recognize those outstanding websites both business and personal sites, that have excellent  content, quality  design and easy navigation system. Sites that make a great contribution to the web community with their content and  have quality design.

Thank you for inviting us to visit your site in consideration of the Web Design Classics Award.  You really have a fun site.

We are pleased to give you our silver award of excellence for design and content!!

spacer Web Design Classic Silver Award
spacer Awarded Jan 19 ,2005  |  Top
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