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Tuesday, November 29, 2005
Success has no excuses.


I spent a part of the afternoon admiring the paintings of my friend's brother, an accomplished artist in Kauai. He's very passionate about his work and very eager to talk about how he got started.

"I had to decide what I wanted to do with my art," he told me. "Was it going to be just a hobby to was I going to take it seriously?"

He started small... and it was a slow start, but he stuck with it; eventually working his way up to where his original work sells for between $5,000 & $10,000.

The advise he imparted is worth far more.

"I wrote down a list of all the reasons why I couldn't do it... no time, no supplies... then I went down the list and checked everything off."

He bought one tube of paint at a time, sold tiny prints of his work for $5 a piece; putting every penny back into more supplies.

As I left his gallery, he shared even more...

"You have to be true to your passion; never sell out... do it because you have to do it, not because you need the money."

A true spirit of Aloha.

8:51 PM

Sunday, November 27, 2005
Even Paradise has its price

It's half way through my trip and I'm loving every other minute of it. Actually it's all good... a fantastic trip... with an occasional bump in the road.

The trip started off bumpy... and we're not talking turbulence. Just as I pulled into the airport parking lot, I realized that I had forgotten my laptop power cord. The technerd in me was busy trying to figure out how to blog in under two hours (I'm one of these people who comes to Hawaii and still think that surfing means on the net).

Then, just barely an hour into the flight, a caution light came on and the plane had to turn around and go back to the airport. 300 tourists and the ending of Willy Wonka would have to wait. Even though it added three hours to the trip, I stood in line waiting for my rental car at the Kauai Airport at 1am, and said "mahalo" for choosing to get me there in safety.

There's been a few other bumps along the way since then, but I am spending time with my friends and my parents (who joined me in order to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary) and I have much to be thankful for.

Even now, as I lazily scratch a few bug bites and scare off a mouse with the light
of my cell phone, I listen to the ocean waves and wild chickens calling for the sun, and I smile. Paradise may not be perfect... but it sure is close enough for me.

5:03 AM

Wednesday, November 23, 2005
Pressure Cooker 
There's nothing like going away to get stuff done back home.


It's hard to believe that I'll be far away in quiet Kauai tomorrow with the way today has been.

The pace is hectic and the deadlines are looming like a storm on the horizon.

Fortunately that pressure is motivating everyone to finally get stuff done.

It's amazing to see how priorities shift as the time runs out. The unimportant things drops off until the absolutely-must-haves stand out. Then there's the here's-what-to-dos come as you explain what it is you actually do around here. Finally it's the here-you-do-its right before the I'm-outta-heres leave their trails. Of course, it's the I'm-outta-heres that always come back to haunt you when you get back.

That's alright though. I'll pick up the pieces when I get back.


10:41 AM

Friday, November 18, 2005
Ever so slightly 
A nudge is all it takes to change your course forever.


There's been a lot of "little things" going on lately... some are not life changing, but rather daily life changing... others, who knows? They may very well be life changing in the long run.

First nudge is the lack of water. Sewer problems under the condo have shut off all water to my side of the building. Talk about changing your daily routine! It's king of like stubbing your toe... you really don't think about it until it hurts.

So I went off to get one of those camping portable toilets (TMI) even though the Recreation Room is on the other side of the building, so it's more like a hike, then a hike in the woods. I'm just playing Boy Scout and being prepared in case that side goes out too.

As for showers, I head over to the gym... which gives me a chance to work out as well... and reinforce my belief that I am not a morning person.

Another bunch of nudges have come in the form of emails. I've received several from my visitors with some propositions that I might otherwise not pursue. But since I've vowed to do things differently (since I want different results) I'm taking an extra step. I'm not sure if any of it will lead someplace, but I'll never know if I don't try.

11:02 PM

Wednesday, November 16, 2005
With your eyes... 
Even if you see my viewpoint, it's still your own you see.


I received an email today and since it was marked "public" I decided to grant the writer his wish... He wrote:
If you are seeking enlightenment then why not search the person who already has it. You are making bad karma, by giving people wrong teaching, if you are wise enough to know you know nothing then you should be wise enough not to teach others, its like a blind man helping another blind man across the road. Tathagata is here www.tathagata.co.uk The man with the third eye.
First off, thank you for taking the time to write in and share your view and your teacher. I took the time to visit your recommended site before creating this response.

Now I can go around and say "I am Enlightened" and speak of "Love equals Truth" and "We Are All One" and perhaps you would believe it; or perhaps it would encourage you to spend more time trying to knock me down, rather than focus your attention on the lesson. Be careful when you see the world with judgmental eyes, for it may blind you of the Light you seek. You do not really know if someone else has seen the Light, or is even FROM the Light. We all have a Purpose and a Path... and others will see it as Truth only as far as they are desperate to be Right.

You feel this man is your guidance. How wonderful for you! However, be aware that he states
"I do not believe that there is another Enlightened Being in this age except me."
If he is the only one, then good for you; for you have found him. However, if there is even one other Enlightened Being, then this statement points to ego, which is not an attribute of Enlightenment... and if he is NOT what he says he is, then he would be a false prophet; in which case be extra careful.

Now I am not saying he is, or is not, what he claims... for I have no need to judge him. I hope, for your sake, that this path of yours is a lighter one.

His message seemed to be one of doom and gloom... but if it leads you to find peace... or to CREATE peace... then the end shall justify your means. For me, I see far too many people's perception of the world as dark as that... and it just seems like a bird that curses the wind, rather than adjusting its wings to fly higher.

I may, or may not, be as you see... but I can assure you... I am far from blind.

Good travels to you. Keep the light on!

10:38 PM

Monday, November 14, 2005
Persistence isn't futile.


The last several days have been holding steady with every project. Each one getting a little bit of attention; not enough to notice, really... but just enough so I don't have to kick myself for not doing something.

I'd love to just sit down and finish ONE of them, but because they're residing on different planes of my existence, they each have the priority for their realm. I'm working on the #1 & 2 projects at work, and the #1 & 2 projects at home and the 1-2 of outside the house.. and it's just a 1-2-1-2-cha-cha-cha dance through my days.

It's going to be much like the Quantum Leaps that Deepak Chopra talks about. It'll look like nothing is getting done until all of it gets done at once.

At least that's my plan.

10:18 PM

Friday, November 11, 2005
Honor the Forgotten 
Honor the past, even if you don't remember it... because it got you where you are today.


Today is Veteren's Day, also known as Remembrance Day, to honor those that paid the ultimate price so that we could be here. Regardless of what you think of violence, or the latest 'maneuvers' in the Gulf, it's important to realize that these people were willing to give us everything they had, and they didn't even know us. For that, I salute them all.

Now let's go create a world where we never have to do that again.

2:33 PM

Thursday, November 10, 2005
Don't ask, don't tell... 
Be careful what you ask for... sure you might get it; but then again, you might not.


I don't usually talk politics here, because people get easily distracted and end up attacking one another, instead of focusing on their own growth... but this time I'm making an exception.

Dear, dear Arnold has been brazen since taking office as the 'Govenator' here in California. His ego was larger than his reputation and he kept thinking that if he took the vote 'to the people' that together we'd all beat the bureaucracy that is 'KaliFORNya.'

Well, he was wrong.

The people spoke very loudly, shooting down every one of his initiatives.

Why. Because he first attacked the people, then expected them to be on his side. For some reason, he made Firefighters, Nurses and Teachers out to be the enemies of the state.

Firefighters (safety)... Nurses (health)... Teachers (education)... three of the most altruistic professions out there. Yup, dangerous lot, those. It's kind of tough to say that you care about the people of California, when you cut out the 'People People.'

This isn't Hollywood. It's real life you're playing with. When you remove the " all

**I** voted to put the "i" back in to government... not "u." I'm planning to send "U", Mr. S, back to the movies... where you can practice for your next sequel, "The Terminated."


There, I feel better :-)

10:33 PM

Tuesday, November 08, 2005
It is a puzzle... 
We leave behind a lot of pieces as we move through life... sometimes you can go back and pick up a few again.


I've been continuing on my journey to just "do something." Talking over my aspirations with a friend lately has helped to separate out a few things that are easier done than said... and I just want them done.

I chose one of my many other domains and tested how easy it would be to make mini-sites. I made it sound so easy... that I wanted to test that theory. It took only an early evening and I was able to put together a "guru4you" page. It's not nearly complete, but as a test it was very successful. It lets me know that I can get off my virtual couch and walk my talk.

But then I found a few pieces I had left behind. Apparently I used this same domain for my experiments last year. I installed a blogging tool and even configured it. I even vaguely remember doing it. I don't even vaguely remember the user name and password so I can do anything about it. I think I know where it's being hosted. Talk about pieces to pick up.

Speaking of pieces, I got a new bench from Overstock.com that I had to put together tonight. It was easy to assemble and at least had clearer instructions than my web site.

It just fit into the theme of the day... that life is a series of pieces... sometimes they fit, sometimes they don't... sometimes they get left behind; sometimes they get picked up again.

Life is a puzzle... how will you solve it?

9:33 PM

Friday, November 04, 2005
To do or just do... 
To Do Lists are good; to do something is better.


I was talking with a friend about all the things I want to do... with my site, my life... you know, the usual... and as I was driving home, thinking of yet another To Do List to put together, I just got fed up. I don't want another list. I got lists. I've lists of lists. The last thing I need on my To Do List is "make another To Do List."

I went home just determined to do something.

I didn't even care what it was, really. After all, it's so easy to think yourself into another night of inertia. So I simply set up a few simple rules for myself:
  • Must be doable in an evening
  • Can be done while other distracting things are going on around me
  • It doesn't require anything to be done before it
  • It's important enough to do
So I sat down, with some-such home improvement show blaring behind me, two cats who think furniture is the stepping stone to adventure and a myriad of spam waiting for me in my inbox... and I scrubbed my blog. No, not with Ajax (it's a fairly clean site anyway)... but copying and pasting the tops of a year and a half's worth of posts into a new document.

It started slowly, but I began to put these little sayings at the beginning of each entry... kind of my lil' lesson of the day. I already had a book of my sayings and thought "one day..."

Yeah, well... one day... plus six months... plus one year... went by. "One Day" wasn't on my calendar up until now. "One Day" was never going to happen if all I thought about was my lists.

So "One Day" was all it took. Actually, "three hours" or "five shows" whichever you prefer. What matters is that it's done.

The next step is to do something with it.

Hmmm, maybe I should add that to my list :-)

7:43 AM

Tuesday, November 01, 2005
I'll second that... 

A win is a win.


The results are in from all those Halloween contests... and they've been very rewarding... emotionally, monetarily, team wise and individually. The company has so many departments that it had a lot of different contests. Kind of like having a Dad/Step-Mom, Mom/Step-Dad, and four sets of grandparents to play off of when it's time to receive gifts at the holidays.

So we had group and indy costume contests, for the division and the company... and we had our little group enter, then the bigger group enter as well... then there was the group and indy decorations for division and company... and oh, I don't know. Anyway, here's how it broke down for me:

  • Group Costume - 2nd (my little group)
  • Indy Costume - 2nd (me-me-me) ... I lost out to this.
  • Group Decorating - 1st (the big group)
  • Indy Costume, Funniest - 1st :-)
  • Dept Decorating - 4th (whole team)

I don't even know how much it all adds up to at this point. There's a bunch of free meals and movie tickets coming my way, plus online credit so I can go shopping for stuff. I guess I'll know when the dust settles.

The lesson from all this is that if you put a lot of effort (and even more Love) into something, the returns can be very rewarding.


How'd you do this Halloween?

10:14 PM


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