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Friday, September 29, 2006
Manifest Destiny 
Today is our chance to manifest tomorrow.


Last night my Gentle Warrior asked me this question. "Do you want someone to 'help' you or someone to make it happen?" After thinking about it, I replied "I want someone to manifest it for me."

And so the winds were set in motion.

Today I went to the Podcasting Conference in Ontario, Ca in search of good information and discounted equipment. It was good, informative, dry at times, but worth the trip.

Leaving with several bags and not much incentive to return the next day, a woman started to talk to me as she also walked with several bags.

She listened to my short story and talked about some of the work she does. Then as she opened up the trunk of her car's he handed me her business card. Looking down past the company logo and her name was spark that caught my eye.

It said:

"Your Manifestation Partners"

Hmm, that was quick.

Let's see what manifests.

10:31 PM

Wednesday, September 27, 2006
The course 
It doesn't take much to change the course of a lifetime.


It started off with a 'yes'... a stop-what-you're-doing-and-do-what-needs-to-be-done sort of yes. I was really busy when the opportunity came to be in "101 Great Ways..." book. I knew it was a great opportunity, but y'know... with this and that to do... but I knew that my habit of saying 'no' (developed to counter an over-active 'yes' mode in my youth) just wasn't going to apply.

That tiny pebble of 'yes' continues to ripple out with ever-increasing circles. Not only did it bring me to places where I have met some of the most amazing people, it is opening up more and more opportunities.

Last night, my new friend and mentor, Greg S. Reid, offered up a speaking spot in his next event! I haven't even begun his mentoring program and already he's changing my life. Seriously, buy his book, The Millionaire Mentor and change your life... and I'm saying that because everyone needs a superhero :-)

I'm also very exciting for another ripple, thanks to this 'yes.' My next project, which is a 365 day calendar for 2007 will be included as a bonus gift on someone else's book sale campaign. It will allow 365 of my little pebbles to just get out there and make some waves :-)

What I love about events like these is the sheer confirmation that Life has to offer when we're willing to go for the ride. How many times have we been hesitate to just take that leap? Or we couldn't be bothered, or wanted a 'sure thing' before we committed, only to find out that opportunity wasn't going to wait for us?

I'm not going to stop saying 'no' because it helps keep me on track with current goals... but I'm also committing myself to the bigger yeses that are out there.

Even the tiniest of pebbles ripples the pond.

2:24 PM

Saturday, September 23, 2006
Action is the key 
The beginning of "DONE" is "DO"


In previous posts, I have mentioned that life is a DARE. Desire, Action, Results and Experience... and that in order to get from Desire to Results, we must go through Action.

I've been following my own advise lately... to amazing results.

Last month I was completely knocked down for a loop. I needed it. Some of the advise I got was dead-on, and I took it in as an important lesson to walk my talk. Some of it was deadly... perhaps shots to my ego, but they also came across as manipulative ultimatums. It wasn't the action I was afraid of, but rather the reasons behind the action.

I hesitated... but not for the reasons others might think.

Yet thanks to that humbling experience, I have more alive and connected than ever before... making what happened yesterday even more potent.

I took the day off from work to drive down to San Diego for Greg Scott Reid's WISH Conference, a truly amazing motivational networking event. Greg is a powerhouse... a supernova, who doesn't just light up a room, he sets it on fire! He's a self-made millionaire who mentors inner city kids.

His friends, who came to speak included John Assaraf (The Secret) and Harry Paul (Fish!). Their words of motivation are life evolving.

John was funny when he spoke about how creating visions do indeed create reality. He said "you can do it my way, or yours... but you may want to compare my results to yours first..." That was a reminder that he's created numerous companies that have had income in the Billions, with a "B". (I think he has good advice)

I also met some of the most remarkable people in the audience as well; swapping stories and business cards.. and making connections in ways far deeper than just business. Coming at it from such an authentic space was for me a truly miraculous experience.

Greg's main topic in the book "101 Great Ways to Improve Your Life" is about the five people that you associate with. The more successful they are, the more successful you will be. Two weeks ago, I said "I have spent all my time with people with more questions than answers, I want to meet people with more answers than questions."

The Law of Attraction works fast.

click to enlarge

10:17 AM

Tuesday, September 19, 2006
You are not in my Am 
When we come to realize the power of "I am" we also realize the power of "You are not."


The conversation of the airplane lingered throughout my entire trip, the last of which was the most potent. As we talked about what life can be like when you live within the period of "I Am" you also come to realize that a lot of people outside that circle just don't fit.

She recalled a story about her big move to a brand new city, and how some friends grew closer from it, while others couldn't be bothered. In fact, they were bothered by the change.

Many people don't like change, and it's one of the biggest challenges of personal growth. Our change often requires acceptance and change from those we hold dear. If they try to keep us down, and we let them, all growth is lost.

Like a rocket, it takes a lot more energy to break free from the earth, than it takes to get to the moon.

So, on Sunday, the reason for my trip arrived... a big family reunion to celebrate the anniversary of my cousin. It was a terrific affair, but as with any family reunion, there is always the ever present threat of falling into the same old roles that we have played since the beginning of the family.

I refused to play that. The buttons that set each other off did not get a rise out of me. I chose very consciously to meet each family member as if for the first time... from a spirit-to-a-spirit point of view. No history; merely the Now.

Although I can't say that there was any break throughs, there weren't any breakdowns either. Oh, of course there were a ton of breakdowns outside my circle, but you'd have to give the players their own blog to cover the details.

As for me, I'm free.

2:54 PM

Monday, September 18, 2006
Journey on and within 
A journey may be in the same space as a trip, but is worlds away.


The cabin was showing signs of approach. Trash was all cleared, some people were getting an early start on repacking. It was just formalities, which didn't need much of our attention.

She and I were tending to more important matters. Our connection would fill whatever time we had left to share.

To save you some time, here are a few of those highlights

DARE to be your BEST

Life is a cycle I call DARE. It begins with a Desire. We then take an action, either towards or away from that desire. That creates a Result, that we either Experience as good or bad. If it's good, our desire diminishes while our motivation goes up. If it is a bad experience our desire goes up, while our motivation goes down. If we continue to kill our motivation, we end up taking less action; and eventually our desire suffers a sad and painful death.

Use the right TERM

In order to reach our goals, we need the right TERM. We need Time and Effort, not just in the right amounts, but at the right time as well. We also need things outside ourselves, Resources, which can be other people, material, money, or whatever we consider helpful. Finally, there's Motivation (there's that word again) because no matter how much of the other stuff we've got, if we don't have the desire for it, we're not going to take the action.

We are what we say we are

How we finish the saying "I am..." will dictate the course of our lives. When we say "I am a mother/father" we begin to choose actions based on what we believe that is supposed to be (that's why many times we're shocked when we say "Oh no, I'm becoming my mother/father!") The same with when we say "I am an architect" or "I am a writer" we put ourselves into a structure from which we will act. And our success as that often affects how we feel about ourselves.

Do what we are

I recalled a story of meeting someone who said "I am a writer" yet when I asked him what he wrote, he hemmed and hawed and admitted to "not much lately." I gave him (and myself) a gentle reminder, "A Writer writes." If we say we are something, and have the desire to be that something, then the next step to take is Action... Right Action. You can sing and dance all you want, that makes you a Dancer and a Singer... but a Writer writes.

There is power in just being

Instead of saying "I am a blah-blah-blah-whatever" how about just ending it with a period?

I am.

When groups used to go around and ask "tell us about yourself" I would answer "I am, everything else I just do." Of course, I'd go on (and on and on) about what I DO, but I always loved to start off with "I AM (period)"

This is my lesson now more than ever... not just saying "I am" but feeling it... coming from that place... expressing it. I find that when I live the "I am" that my connections to other people is so much greater.

After I said that to her, I paused for a moment. The hum of the airplane filled the air above us; the bumps of turbulence below.

We sat in the period of I AM.

9:10 AM

Sunday, September 17, 2006
The journey continues... 
A journey begins with one step, it continues with two.


I repeated the ritual in reverse, as I returned to my seat. As she got up to let me squeeze back into my little space of heaven, I joke about how nice it was to be back to my old self again.

Some more small talk ensured, but being that the boxed lunch was long since gone and the little TV screens were now showing reruns of reruns, the plane trip would soon be coming to an end. If the journey was to begin, now was the time.

I steered the conversation towards the personal... the safe personal, of course... 'so where're you from?' and 'what do you do?' (both much more loaded questions when you think about it ;-)

We talked about jobs and how exciting it is when we do jobs that we love.

The perfect seque to following one's passion in life, doncha think?

Soon I found myself talking about the book, sitting there, its face all up and smiling. "I'm chapter 98!" I said proudly!!

She grabbed the book, eager to find out what that meant exactly.

She took the bait :-)

The journey began... for both of us.

It wasn't about me telling her this-that-and-the-other-thing... it was about sharing. I knew that as long as I remained open... true to myself and to her... that I would surely learn as well.

Besides, I listened to myself carefully as I said it,

"We can't really teach anyone anything... all we can do is give them the opportunity to learn."

(Opportunity next...)

6:29 AM

Saturday, September 16, 2006
The Journey Home 
You can go on a trip, or a journey, the choice is always yours.


She came to me with a tale of woe and a thankfulness that I didn't smell. It was a compliment (I think) and as she settled down into the plane seat next to me, she told me of how bad her last flight had been; having had to endure three hours next to someone of questionable hygiene.

I thought, "time for me to change your luck."

We made small talk here and there throughout much of the flight, and took turns dozing off... but I knew that there would be more, much more, exchanged before the plane landed at our destination. We weren't just on this plane for a trip, we were here for a journey.

I spent much of my waking hour going through the other chapters of "101 Great Ways to Improve Your Life" because now that I'm in there, I have a connection to all these other authors. I have an icebreaker that motivates me to contact each and everyone of them.

It's also my book bait.

In the past, I had a tendency to keep my books face down; protection perhaps... yeah, keeping the things that would reveal something about me hidden away from the world. This time I'm keeping the covers face up, as a declaration of Me.

I know she saw it... she just didn't bite.

So nature and opportunity called.

A bladder speaks louder than words, and I had to break the silence if I wanted my wish to get to the restroom fulfilled.

The 'break' was welcome...

...what came after the break will change our lives forever.

(To be continued...)

7:44 AM

Thursday, September 14, 2006
More times than not, the questions are the answers.


I went to see my Gentle Warrior again last night. I asked out to the Universe, "why can't she just come HERE???" just moments before she called to tell me she'd be speaking five minutes away from work.

I mean, come on, hit me over the head whydoncha?

She needed help with her sound equipment, but that wasn't why I was meant to be there. The wires that connected us did more than just capture her sound, but her energy. I held the earphones in my hand, feeling the vibrations as she spoke to the group about letting go and being fearless. Sound is energy, yes... but energy is full of sound as well.

She guided us through a meditation, then deviated off the entire topic of the evening to take us all on a much more important journey.

She didn't let anyone off the hook... especially me :-)

Focusing on my third eye, she'd break the silence, "Stuart! You need to go into the center of your body!" and as I shifted she's gently go "that's better..." and even when she asked for me to read someone across the room, she'd go "no, that message is for you" before I'd even utter a word.

I realized that I had grown accustomed to being around people who had more questions than answers. It kept me in a place of 'guru' but also made it ripe for ego to creep in and prevent me from growing along my own path.

The mediation was amazing. I began with jutting crystals, jagged and pointing everywhere. They began to straighten up and become straight lines; yet just as quickly broke off and became blades of grass, gently blowing in the winds. I saw more structures forming, from all types of shapes... and I was shown a solar system, with curves up on curves... and then arrived my lesson.
"There are many, many shapes in the universe that you do not even know, and could not comprehend with the mind... but the structures you build are all your own. There are no structures, merely patterns. You're the one that builds the walls you live in."
Coming out of it, I realized that when it was time to share it with my Gentle Warrior, that it was not the time to be clever, or witty or wise... but to be sincere, to "walk with me" and stay in my Authentic Self.

The reaction of everyone else was also amazing... more connected, more alive. So many people came up to me and told me that they felt like they knew me... that somehow we were connected. And we are.

I also came there to explore joy and play. You see, for a long time I have used humor to get people to like me (long story... childhood, blah-blah-blah, long-story-short) but that isn't really play. In fact, while humor can heal, it can also separate us... literally making it "the joke's between us." When I stay in that space of my Authentic Self, people still laugh, but it comes from a different place. I come from a different place.

It makes everything more than attractive, it makes it connective.

10:12 PM

Wednesday, September 13, 2006
Growth can be painful, but you don't have to suffer through it.


It's been a very interesting couple of days for me. I just met an old friend recently. While I'm a Teacher, she's a Warrior and our times together have been turbulent and trying and tremendous. I've opened myself up to the lessons that she has for me, and have been knocked down hard on more than one occasion.

You know how when someone touches your shoulder, if it's fine, then there's no pain... but if it's twisted and tense, then the pain is unbearable?

She found parts of my soul that's unbearable.

Her words were strong, her conviction unflinching. I just took it all in to see if there was something I could learn from it.

I ended up suffering for it. A deep, deep pain tearing at the core of my being. It didn't feel right, but for a moment I was unsure if it was wrong.

The night of the 11th, after we met for dinner, I felt more energy in my soul than I had ever felt before. I was bigger, more powerful and more Me.

Waking up... shrinking back into this tiny body... I felt the suffering even more...

Was that the source of this pain? That the life I live daily and that life which is mine were so different in scope as to arise in conflict and pain?

I was unsure...

And I became humbled...

Not the kind of humbling we put on when we want our egos to feel better.. but I giant 'let go' and bow before all of creation.

And some time passed...

And sweet kindnesses came up, like flowers after a rain.

A friend brought my book without coaxing... and a gentler Teacher contacted me from out of the blue, soon offering more help.

I can't be sure that I've made all the right decisions these past few days. I'm sure I could convince myself of that (which would only be ego pressing back up like a weed).

But I've dusted myself off...

And I will carry on...

And I will matter...

Because I will be Me.

5:38 PM

Monday, September 11, 2006
Let it begin with me... 
Even the tiniest of pebbles ripples the pond.


Like landing on the moon, or the assassination of a president, many of us have the events of 9/11 forever burned into our consciousness. Where we were, what we were doing, who we were with... playing over and over like an old movie.

For many, the wounds are still fresh. For many others, the wounding continues.

Whatever answers we thing we've got, the questions continue to grow. Is what we're doing solving any problems? Is the world safer, better, more at peace? Or are we setting the stage for something bigger to play out?

World Peace, considered both a dream and a fantasy, is caught between the ideals of warring nations. As long as the resolve of one is to destroy the other, Peace will be like sand forever slipping through our grasp... and the castles that we build will continue to return to the sea.

"Peace", however, is possible. It may not be everyone agreeing with everyone else, but it can be tiny bubbles of a world that works. Personal peace, within ourselves, is absolutely within our reach. It's inside each and every one of us.

If we "mind our own business" we can build a place where we can feel balanced and whole. We can focus on our families and our friends; our homes and our households. We can become more productive and playful, engaging and enriching... even in the midst of war and wounded memories.

We can still our minds and not let the world's problems in. We can still honor the fallen, while standing up tall. We can show ourselves, and the world, that adversity is just a test of character... and that by making our little worlds a better place, the whole of Life is changed forever.


View my tribute video at Google or YouTube.

Read about meeting some angels from 9/11.

7:07 AM

Sunday, September 10, 2006
The salts of time 
Five years ago today, I lived in a world where peace seemed closer; the world a little safer. The next morning change all that.

I went back to New York several times, taking pictures and thinking an awful lot. This little video piece is five years in the making.

8:47 AM

Monday, September 04, 2006
Funny how we celebrate Labor Day by taking the day off from work.


Today, in the U.S., we honor the workers... all the people who struggled to fulfill their American Dream, thus giving people the right to complain about their bosses.

Instead of going off on some tangent about the Indignation of Capitalism (which reminds me.... buy my book) I'm going to just talk a little about four aspects of Life. These revolve around our activities.

The first one, going along with the theme of the day, is WORK. It's active participation in the world. It's what we give to the world. Action for the sake of getting some other result.

The second aspect is PLAY. It's also active, but it's without a sense of purpose. It's action for the sake of enjoying the action.

Then comes REST... The passive sibling. It's non-action, which allows us to repair, rebuild and to...

GROW. The last and most rewarding of the aspects. It comes from all the other three. It seems active at times; passive at others. It's unfolding and expanding. It's us becoming more of who we are.

Now I'm all for Laboring... and resting, playing, whatevering on Labor Day... but here's to the beginning of a new celebration.

Growth Day!

Let's get the movement started. This idea can grow really on you, don't you think?

9:44 PM

Saturday, September 02, 2006
The road ahead... 
Tho' the road ahead may winding and full of bumps, it's the easiest way home.


His name and his life matter a lot to him, even if he doesn't think much of either right now. He and I have been writing back and forth more emails than my inbox can handle.

I've been collecting some of the notes that I've been sending out to him; hoping that some of it will break him free of the binds that he's created.

I'll keep his words in confidence and privacy, but will share a few of my words with you here...

Guru's General Guidelines

1) I can guide you, but only you can really help yourself.

2) My advice comes with good intentions, but may not fit your situation. Don't take everything I say as gospel, but rather as a suggestion to try it with your own life.

3) Take life one step at a time. None of it happens over night... but it might change suddenly after a lot of work.

4) Don't judge yourself. It gets in the way of progress.

5) Don't judge others either. It's a waste of time... that you could be spending on yourself.

6) Yes, people can make our life difficult... they can hurt us and scar us... but if we don't rise above that, then they will always win. Life isn't that unfair. We're just unfair to ourselves.

7) It doesn't matter if you're 30, or 40, or 100... if you're still alive, you still have the chance to do something.

8) Change is a slow process so be sure to reward yourself along the way for small achievements

9) Instead of focusing on the difficulty of a large task, break it into smaller task & create a timeline for finishing them

10) We all have pain... we all feel fear... but some people are willing to take on the responsibility to make their own life better.

11) Laying blame is an obstacle. Even if others do stuff that's bad, spending time on figuring out who's to blame doesn't solve the problem. Instead, think "I am responsible for my own success."

12) Success comes from ACTION. When you feel like it's over, you do nothing... and nothing gets nothing... so yes, it's over when you do that.

13) On the other hand, if you feel like you can succeed, and you don't ignore those who say it can't be done, then you will do something... and doing something can make something else happen... and then that something else can make even more happen. Actions get results, just as no action gets no results.

14) The shadows cannot go where the light resides.

15) Set up your goal very specifically. Write it down in detail. It can't be vague, because vague dreams can't be realized. 16) Don't expect others to help you. Whenever you expect people to help, you can end up disappointed.

17) Don't expect others NOT to help you. If you shut them out, then you surely won't get what you need.

18) Build on what you've got! - building your house on the side of the mountain with no support.

19) Let go what you don't do.

20) Be patience and persistent - Everything takes time, so don't get frustrated over how long... just keep at it.

10:31 PM


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