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Thursday, October 26, 2006
The steps you take can lead up or down. You decide to take them or not.


Here is a list that I compiled while talking to someone who needs to hear it more times than he realizes...

Ways to improve your life

1) Visualize the life you want to live
Picture yourself waking up. The let the person you love continue sleeping in the bed, while you go to the bathroom to get ready to start the day doing the things you love. Looking in the mirror, you see that you're in the physical shape that's perfect for the way you want to look.

As you get ready, pay close attention to the details... the colors of the room; the sights and sounds going on around you.

2) Then break it down into actions that you can do
Use a notebook and a calendar are for to track daily tasks and achievements. Make sure that each action is in line with this vision.

3) Begin doing whatever you can towards your goal with what you have
Things take time, so take the time.

4) Do the tasks every chance you get
That means you don't spend time doing the 'other stuff'... things for others that don't help either of you, or frivolous things that don't add any value to the time spent.

5) Get control of your life
Value your time, your energy and your resources. They're all you have for living your life.

6) Get away from negative people
Some people just have negative minded people in their life, bringing them down without their knowledge. You have to PHYSICALLY get away from them, in order to get EMOTIONALLY and SPIRITUALLY away from them.

7) Don't be negative yourself
You know what it feels like to be happy and positive, and you've know what it's like to be sad and lonely. Isn't happy better? Don't negate happiness by thinking it's going to end, or that it's not as important as the bad times. Happiness is what we strive for.

Happy people attract other people; sad people repulse them. No one wants to hang around (or befriend) people who complain and are always talking about how bad things are.

8) Learn how to make friends
Some people make friends easily; others struggle with it. If you aren't someone who can make friends easily, learn how. Seek out things like: Making Friends and do all the things you aren't doing now.

9) Be trustworthy
Your moral character is what shapes your life the most. It is what will make other people trust you enough to become your friend and to hire you. If you lie, steal and cheat, no one is going to befriend you or trust you enough to give you a job. Trust is the key that opens the door to friends and freedom. Cheating on the trust of others, cheats you even more.

10) Deal with Fear
A lot of this can be very scary. Giving into fear means stopping the action necessary to succeed. When you feel fear, breathe, relax, and do the action anyway. Success doesn't come from getting rid of fear, it comes from getting through it.

7:30 AM

Monday, October 23, 2006
Simply Divine 
It really is that simple.


I've been writing emails for some time, helping someone come to the realization of how special they are. I'm also sharing some of the most powerful concepts around.

I'm living and learning and loving them as we speak.

Here's an excerpt that explains one of those powerful laws:
Your brain does not know the difference between a dream and reality. You don't see with the eyes, you see with the brain. When you dream at night, or when you create a vision with your eyes closed, the brain actually thinks that it is seeing reality. By sending pictures to it of the life that you want, the brain cannot make sense of the world around it, that looks different than the vision that it has of itself. In other words, if you send a message to your brain that you are skinny and you open your eyes, you brain doesn't understand why it doesn't match.

What happens next is that the brain sends out signals to 'correct' the discrepancies. My body must be skinny because I see it that way. I must become rich because I think like a rich person.

Now when things happen outside the brain, like other people telling us something different than what we believe, our brain goes, "this doesn't make sense, so I will ignore it."

When opportunities come up, such as seeing a business opportunity or a beautiful girl across the room, our brain says "go for it" rather than "don't do it, it'll never work." We then take ACTION... and action is the key to success.

If you'd like I can tell you a few stories of how miraculously this works, but first off, just sit with these concepts.

Even before you come to see how this power works, just become comfortable with the idea that it CAN work.

Up to now you haven't believed that such a thing is possible, and so your brain says "I will not listen."

If you are really willing to listen now, just believe that this power exists.

And that you can tap into it.

And that you deserve it.
Never underestimate the power of this Force.

9:39 PM

Sunday, October 22, 2006
Can you spare some change? 
Can you spare some change? What are you willing to pay for that?


After talking to a friend about the expo and my book sales, he asked me what my secret of selling was. I told him that there wasn't a secret... because I wasn't selling.

I was just connecting people with the answers they were seeking.

Whenever someone approached the booth to look at the stuff on the table, I asked one simple question..

"How can I change your life today?"

It wasn't about selling the book. If they needed to buy my friend's CD, I offered up the one (or five) that I felt matched their needs. There were flyers for a cruise on the table that I offered up, if it seemed like they needed a vacation. I didn't make any money off of them; after all, this was about changing THEIR life, not mine.

I'd steer them to my book, naturally... and talked about it. Let them read my chapter... and I talked about how good the book is. I said it was a great book, because, well, it is. I believe in truth in advertising, and I believe in this book... so I said what I meant and I meant what I said.

If that's all they needed to change their world, then my job was done. After all, I didn't start off the conversation with "would you like to buy my book?"

For those that recognized that the book itself would change their life, they took out the cash and they bought it. That made me happy, of course. Yeah, I made money; but I also made a difference.

You see, the key to selling is not to get what we want, but rather to give others what they want.

It's their change we're talking about.


You want some other great books?

Check out Volume 2 and The Top 100 Experts package from Selfgrowth.com.

6:11 AM

Saturday, October 21, 2006
Life can keep up... so get going!


This blog hasn't been getting much attention as I've been entering a big Completion Mode lately. My daily calendar is complete and getting ready to go to press. My weekly calendar is within days of the same path. They represent the tip of a very large iceberg, that grows the deeper I go. Stay tuned here for future developments.


The Law of Attraction, which has been my topic for the last several entries, is taking on an awe-inspired pace as of late. Things are manifesting in a matter of MINUTES now, instead of days.

Today I attended the Mind Body and Beyond Expo in downtown LA. We managed to get the CD set completed in time for my Gentle Warrior to sell, and in exchange I got a little corner of the table to sell my books, my new calendar and my vision

Things were going along smoothly for me, when I said "I'm going to speak at this conference."

Then the phone rang. G.W. was on the phone saying that she was still stuck in traffic and that I would have to go speak for her.

Did I say THIS conference?

Did I mean this very one...?

I guess I did.

So I found myself both setting up the video camera AND trying to figure out what I was going to say.

Talk about jumping into the eternal YES.

You can't say it wasn't boring... at least for me. There's plenty that I would've done differently, even if I had a minute to prepare... but the experience I got out of it taught me so much. I'll be reviewing the tape soon, and hopefully something You-tube-able will come out of it.

Some of the people met today were also inspiring. Several people came back to talk future plans; others just declared, "we'd going to work together!"

Judging by where I'm going, the door is open wide... so there's plenty of room to let 'em all in.

10:30 PM

Monday, October 16, 2006
Say 'yes' ... sounds nice, doesn't it?

(you better say yes)


I've learned to say 'no' a lot. It's been my shield against overwhelming myself with work or activities that just don't add much to my life, or the lives around me. Oh, they look like they do, but in the end, they've cost us much more than they've given back.

Yet in the past I've said 'no' out of fear as well. It might have been just fear of not going through THAT again, or it may have been some deep seeded belief that hadn't been paying attention to.

Fear is not something we get rid of; it's something we leave behind after we've gotten THROUGH it.

This weekend was a perfect example.

On Saturday, I put aside the urge to attack the piles of 'stuff' that's been lingering on my list and my dining room table... to go to the monthly meeting of the National Speakers Association. After all, I joined it to create new habits as well as meet new and exciting people.

Although my mind told me to get home after the monthly meeting, my eyes and my heart lingered on the application for their FastTrack program. Of course it was going to cost money... and of course it meant having to stay into the afternoon... and of course, going home would mean doing the same old things to get the same old results.

I really enjoyed the first meeting of FastTrack. The program is geared very specific to the business of speaking... choosing the right topic, contacting the right people, doing the right actions to get the right results.

Making the right decisions, despite fear and old habits.

Sunday was spent away from my stuff, focused on helping my Gentle Warrior get her CDs ready (I'm doing the introductions on the CD as well as designing the covers). I'm doing the same old actions I've done many times before, but approaching it with a whole heart in ways I've never done before. This whole new feeling is going to change everything when I do it for myself.

In fact, I did it for myself this evening right after work, recording something that is lightyears away from the last attempt I made. I'm going to go back and redo some things with my new found knowledge.

All this from saying 'yes.' So does it sound good to say it?

You bet!

10:00 PM

Friday, October 13, 2006
The Winds of Change can blow you down or lift you up; it all depends on how willing you are to spread your wings.


Been a busy week, with lots of change in the air. My workplace is, as is true to our history, rearranging itself. That's not a bad thing necessarily; after all, pools that are stagnant tend toward decay. Change is change. It can be both a blessing and a curse.

What's more interesting is how people react to change. Some see it as metamorphosis into new opportunities, while others see only the threat of a disappearing sense of stability.

What it comes down to is "who are you?" and "who do you want to be?"

When things are going along same-ole-same-ole, it's easy to bury our personalities in our work... but when things get rough, that's when our true character comes into play.

For me, I keep my eyes open for the gaps that appear between the wheels, looking for any chance to break through. In the past few days, there's been talk of some really amazing possibilities. I'm following up vigorously, because as I've said in the past, the only way to go from Desire to Results is through Action.

We'll see where the winds take me.

9:18 PM

Saturday, October 07, 2006
One of the greatest ways to connect to the world is through people.


It took an entire year to get ready. I finally had a get together for more than a few close friends at my place. There's been spattering of family, out-of-towners and people who "don't mind the mess" but last night was show time. Everything was in place (well, some things were safely hiding) and the place really looked great.

The greatest compliment was when a lot of people remarked about how peaceful the place is. It's nice to know that when you spend a lot of time putting peace into a place, that others get just by entering these doors.

There were a number of "and guests" which gave me an opportunity to meet a whole bunch of new people. Giving tours every ten minutes or so gave me not only a chance to 'show off' the place, but eventually end by a bookcase filled with a lot of copies of my book... thus sequeing into topics of motivation and following one's dream. It's a good prep for my life ahead.

It was really great to talk to people about their hopes and dreams. Yeah, I heard a bunch of 'reasons' why those dreams weren't going to come true... but I keep talking... and talking... and talking... until I saw those little sparkles in their eyes that said "maybe I just can..."

It only takes a spark to start a fire.

9:05 AM

Tuesday, October 03, 2006
Forgiveness sets you both free.


This is a pretty big time of year for a couple of religions. Yesterday was Yom Kippur, the day of atonement in Judaism... as we as the month of Ramadan for those practicing Muslim. Although Yom Kippur is very specifically geared towards forgiveness, Ramadan also has it's time of reflection on life and how we affect one another.

It's always nice to have reminders to be good to one another, to focus on morality and a code of good conduct. Of course, if this is the only time you do it, then go back to your old habits the next day, you're pretty much missing the point.

For me, forgiveness is an every day thing. If you can't forgive on a 'regular' day, you'll probably forget about it by the time the next reminder date comes up.

Your spirit will remember though, and keeping the pain inside only festers and separates us from each other, and ourselves.

So whatever day it is - holy day or any day - it's time to lay down the sword, and bury the hatchet. It really doesn't matter who did what to whom, what words were said when we exploded out from our own pain... what matters now is where we are, and where we're going... and whether or not we want to go there together.

6:38 AM


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