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Tuesday, August 28, 2007
Tapped out 
In the News
It was revealed that Senator Craig of Idaho solicited sex to an undercover cop in an airport bathroom. (See story)

He missed his flight.

GuruStu's Views
Well there you are in an airport stall, just tapping your foot to some George Michael song that's stuck in your head. You're concerned about public safety, being the caring person that you are, so you feel along the edge to make sure that the stalls won't cut you (you know, in case of an emergency evacuation) when all of a sudden, the cop in the stall next to you thinks you're coming on to you.

OK, so it's sign language for illicit behavior between strangers. Maybe he just wanted his neighbor to make a donation to his campaign. These misunderstandings happen, right?

Once again, living in the public eye has its drawbacks. Like celebrities, politicians must also be very careful of what they expose to the rest of the world (didn't your mother warn you about that?)

So while we may never know the private pain this man has been going through, his is a far different story than Owen Wilson.

This is a man that has openly tried to deny the rights of people because they were different than him; all the while behaving in a matter that makes him a lot like them.

It's one thing if you truly believe a certain way and live your life accordingly (morally speaking, that is). It's quite another to live your life as a hypocrite.

If you can't be true to yourself, at least don't be false to the point of hurting other people. Don't stall a bill with your rhetoric, then reach for a guy in a bathroom stall.

So now he's grasping for excuses and wishing for the same anonymity he had in Terminal A... but this is one bed that he's made and may have to lie in it alone.

8:37 PM

Monday, August 27, 2007
Hurts more than you know 
In the news
Sunday afternoon, actor Owen Wilson is rushed to the hospital after an alleged suicide attempt. The world speculates whether it's the recent breakup with actress Kate Hudson or some feud with friends or some other deeper darker secret.

GuruStu's Views
We never really know the private pain that public people go through. We see the lights and glitz and just assume that their lives are so much better than ours.

Then come the ugly divorces, the accidents, the rehab and 82 minute jail terms.. that all hint at a world much more shrouded in mystery and shadows than the paparazzi can ever capture on film.

While Owen is not alone in his suicide attempt, his pain is his and his alone. From the far outside looking in, the best we can do is turn our hearts towards him and our eyes away.

This is a good time to reflect upon our own lives... to realize that we aren't as alone as we believe ourselves to be. That we can turn to others when the pain gets to be too much. Suicide doesn't end the suffering, it just transfers it to those that are left behind.

I still miss my friend Ernie, who didn't think he had a choice. He never asked my opinion or my permission. I would've told him to give life a second chance.

I'm glad Owen has that chance now. I hope he sees it... and not so we can see him in another silly movie... but rather so that the people who care about him can get that chance to say 'I love you.'

My best to you, Mr. Wilson and your speedy recovery.

10:14 PM

Friday, August 03, 2007
Half Life 
It's amazing how much time goes by. Busy-ness creeps up and steals some precious moments away when you're not looking.

I've been quite caught up focusing on my cartoons, a few ventures here and there... and even went through my own dark times. "Keep the light on," I often say... and that's important, because sometimes that tiny inner light is all we have to guide us.

Time moves on, no matter whether we have good times or bad; whether there are many people around us or we are starkingly alone.

So happy is definitely the better choice to make.

Half a life ago

Speaking of time flying, going through YouTube, I came across a few gems from half my life ago...

I moved to trendy "NoHo" in New York in 1985, with a head full of hair and big dreams. As luck would have it, I lived across a building that would be used as the exterior for Grace's office in Will & Grace.

For me, it became the set for the "Japanese Madonna" - Seiko Matsuda. I was only supposed to be an extra, yet I was determined to be something more. Watching the "backup singers" practice their dance moves, I just kept up with them, til finally the director looked my way. "You!" he shouted, "get in costume!" and before I knew it, some unlucky guy was being sent offstage to make room for me.

You'll have to wait til near the end, but you can see (a very young) me behind her on the very left.

Soon after, I was much more prominently featured in a video filmed right around the corner.

Frankie Valli, Street Fight

I got beat up a lot... guess I was more of a lover than a fighter back then.

It's fun to look back at those captured moments.

Makes me look forward to the moments yet to come.

9:55 PM


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