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Wednesday, October 24, 2007
The fire within 
As I type this, millions of lives are being affected as fires rage all along the west coast, from Los Angeles all the way down to Mexico. Half a million people have had to leave their homes, often with nothing left to return to. Some of my friends are among them.

Los Angeles, being as wide spread as it is, seems to be living in two separate worlds. There are area isolated from all of it. You could walk own the street and think that faint smell was some delicious barbecue just around the corner. Yet beyond that corner, and over the hill, devastation rages uncontrolled.

Now is the time which test our souls. If we were given five minutes and an order to leave behind everything which we cannot hold... what would we take? What is so valuable that it can never ever be replaced?

And what if you lost all but your life? Free of your past... what would you rebuild? Who would you become if even the foundation was ash?

And what of us, whom are affected but untouched by the flames?

Do we go about our daily lives, thinking that our stuff is still so very important because it's shiny and cool? If the grass is still greener in our own backyards, do we go about ignoring those whose yards are black?

This is the time to show our character. If your hands are close enough to reach, lend a helping hand. Or reach out by giving to those who can help.

Or call.

Or pray.


This fire will one day go out... don't let your fire go out by turning your back.

Keep that light on!

3:23 AM

Tuesday, October 09, 2007
Interesting conflicts 
Times will come when parts of our selves seem juxtaposed to one another. They're there just to compare, not to compete.


I'm working on an interesting project. Well, the project isn't THAT interesting, but it's deeper meaning is.

I've been dusting off my Flash skills (that's Flash, not flashing) to work on an web ad for a friend. It's for an event coming up next month, with a whole lot of high profile speakers.

What's so interesting about that?

A number of these speakers viewpoints are diametrically opposed to mine. In fact, one of these people I find so disagreeable, that I dare not even mention her name (I would if I wanted to get Google hits, but that'd put me in the same camp as her, so forget it).

What's interesting is the question, should we only work on projects that are in line with our beliefs... our we somehow compromising those beliefs if we support something that we despise?

I mean, it's not a life-or-death thing we're talking about here. The ad is to support my friend, not this other 'person.' And I certainly wouldn't go to the event, even if it were free...

So what's troublesome here?

I guess I don't like to think of such unpleasantness while I'm busy making it look the best it can be. Thinking of sneaking in an 'easter egg basket' full of hidden comments is too base... and brings my energy down. Even if it's tempting.

But what fascinated me even more was this: It wasn't about being tricky, or about the past misdeeds of this one unmentionable wretch... but rather I entertained the thought "would I ever becomes friends with this person?"

And my answer was 'yes.'

If you knew who I was talking about, and then thought of me, your head would spin. Huh? What... you and, huh?


Because it was my fantasy, I could have anything I wanted... and to be in her heart, with all her trust in me, perhaps, just perhaps, I would get her to change her mind.

Imagine taking someone who is an enemy to many; who cares more about the ratings than reaching people... and turn them around to actually CARE?

Goodbye venomous self-righteousness.

Goodbye comments that are ignorant if not meant, and cruel if they are.

Hello, new light.

Yeah, I know... that idea was gone in a Flash.

But I can hope.

11:51 AM

Saturday, October 06, 2007
Make your own... 
When you run out of opportunities, go make some more.


In an alternate reality, I'm on Bob Proctor's cruise, on my way to Mexico... living proof of the Law of Attraction.

In this reality though I'm busy picking up Halloween decorations and making a lot of phone calls. My week is shaping up with a couple of new projects and chances to meet new people. I'm 'acting as if' the offer to go on the cruise never came.

After all, you cannot lose what you do not have.

I've yet to speak with the people who failed to deliver on their promise. Perhaps the silence is all that needs to be said right now.

The biggest lesson that I got out of this is the importance of ACTION.

My action got me ready to go on the cruise. Someone else's inaction cause the opportunity to slip away. There's nothing magical about this. The Law of Attraction brought the OPPORTUNITY; the Lack of Action took it away.

So now as I sail forward in my own career, I will make sure that the actions I take are in line with the opportunities I attract.

After all... I am my own captain on this trip.

5:33 PM

Thursday, October 04, 2007
No Sail 
Sometimes when the boat comes in, it isn't yours.


Even though I was overjoyed at the thought of it, I hadn't mentioned it to too many people. Wait, come to think of it, I told an awful lot of people... and now I'll have to retract my story.

The story actually goes back to April when I imagined myself living a grander life within six month. I could see myself on the deck of a ship, breathing in the fresh salty air and talking about living my bliss.

Then I heard about Bob Proctor's cruise to Mexico. I felt an instant connection resonate within me... and even though I didn't know HOW I'd get on the ship, I believed somehow I would.

Fast forward five months and 500 visions later and my life took a complete turn. My job of seven years came to an end and three days later I was offered a chance to work on the cruise taping interviews of some of my heroes. Living my bliss.

So even when red flags started to fly, I kept believing. I was told 'plan on being on that ship' and so I kept acting 'as if.' Not getting back to me with the itinerary? No problem, I'm off to get new lights. Not returning my emails or phone calls? It's OK, I have to pick up the portable green screen.

Even when I was copied on an email requesting cabins three days before the sail date, I kept my doubts at bay. Surely they hadn't waited to the very last minute.

The news that I'm not going came just a few hours ago.

Tough terribly disappointed, I'm not surprised. I know that good shall come of this, even though I haven't gotten the words yet to make it seem all right.

It will be OK, because I will make it OK. I will twist and turn every nuance so it doesn't come across as a nuisance. The new equipment will serve me well, and I'll fill this coming week with all the appointments I put off.

But as for its deeper meaning, I don't yet. I've got some searching to do down there... beyond the hurt.

We'll see where this journey will take me... and I trust that my disappointment will sail away when the ship does.

9:52 PM


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