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Thursday, November 22, 2007
Giving Thanks 
A day to remind us what to do everyday... give thanks!!

From an amazing artist and an even better friend:

Visit him at RixArtStudio.com

11:08 AM

Tuesday, November 13, 2007
Be like Bamboo 
One of the best comments I heard recently came from Alex Mandossian, who spoke at my local chapter of National Speakers Association. he explains about how you see very little results the first few years of growing bamboo. You water it and nurture it and 'nothing' happens. Then, seemingly overnight, the bamboo shoots up fully grown (get it, "bamboo shoots"... they mean that literally).

That's pretty much how it's been going for me for some time now, and some shoots are starting to come out.

Today I added a new client, expanded the hours of another, spoke to a magazine publisher about including my cartoons in their publication and finished the first draft of my cartoon book, which will now be called "Life is a Pane".

So it's a good day.

I've often been accused of having great ideas and not following through. Mostly by people who stare at the ground and see nothing coming up. That's why I like the imagery of bamboo.

There are two ways of working. One is a project at a time... work-done-work-done; the other is multiple projects at a time... work, work, work, done, done, done. Neither one is better than the other. They're just different ways of reaching your goals.

And you don't have to be one over the other either. For my clients, I'm often work-done, work-done because, well, they need the work done. For myself, who loves the process as much as the product, I don't mind a little work here, and a little work there. It mixes up my day like a crop of wild flowers.

Or should I say bamboo.

Well, shoot!

9:50 PM

Monday, November 12, 2007
Give a little, get a lot 
Giving is the new getting.


I have often talked about the power of servitude, about how when you help others you get so much more in return. I've demonstrated that enough to some friends so that we now 'fight' over who we serve.

At the National Speakers Association, we often joke about being the first person to take our guest speaker to the airport. In Los Angeles, the very thought of going to the airport brings chills of dread; like an episode of Lost, Fear Factor and the Amazing race all rolled into one. But when you have a chance to sit next to an accomplished mentor for several hours one-on-one it's more like Heroes, Dancing with the Stars and, well, it's still an Amazing Race to get through this traffic.

I had the extreme pleasure of traveling with Carol Desmond of Trademarks to Go, a lovely woman whose Brooklyn accent flooded my mind with memories of my childhood, spent on the floor of my Grandmother's house. We talked faster than the traffic and covered as many topics as we did miles.

It's amazing how when you take the time to get to know someone, just how many stories they really have to tell.

And while I signed up for the NSA meeting originally because of Alex Mandossian, the real diamond was a Desmond.

Speaking of Alex... a friend of mine, whom I see at just about every event I go to, had managed his way into serving Alex at the event. Now Alex is a 'Rock Legend' in the Internet marketing world... and that makes my nickname for my friend very appropriate. I call him a 'Rock Star.'

What I admire about my friend is not in WHOM he serves (people are people after all) but he said to me exactly what I would have said to him. When I told him that I was taking the other guest speaker around town, he said "you get it"... meaning "you understand the importance of helping those you can learn from."

It's such a 'win-win' situation... and it's done simply by giving to another; a little bit of time, a little bit a knowledge... and a lot of magic.

Yeah, I get it.

Do you?

10:05 AM


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