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Thursday, September 17, 2009
The squeaky wheel gets the grease, but if it keeps squeaking, it's also the first to be replaced. 
I've often heard the saying "the squeaky wheel gets the grease" as a positive way of saying "speak up to get what you want"... but all too often it actually means "complain to get what you want".

Now I'm all for speaking up, especially if getting what you want will help you to help others... but complaining is never the way to do it. Complaining is a negative reaction to a negative situation; and often adds to the problem.

Giving you grease because you've given grief is just covering up a problem that will eventually work it's way back.

Instead, focus on solutions. Make sure that you ask for, and receive, something positive to make the end results positive.

That's the way for everyone to win.

Keep the light on!

6:54 PM

Wednesday, September 16, 2009
If you only get one chance to make a first impression, can you get two chances to get a second opinion? 
While it is important to put your best foot forward and make a great first impression, that's not all there is to you. You're way too special, amazing and multi-faceted to get to know in one single moment... so don't put so much pressure on yourself. Sure there are times that are important, like first dates and job interviews, but there are millions of other moments that need your attention.

Just be you at all times.

That matters the most to the people who matter the most.

Keep the light on!

2:36 PM

Sunday, September 13, 2009
When you say "it's a lot of work" let that be the beginning, not the ending of your story. 
You ever hear the saying 'if it came in a bottle we'd all have it" referring to weight loss, or success or a million dollars... basically, if it were easy, we'd all get it.

But it's not.

Not that it can't be easy... but in order to get what we want, we often have to go out and get it.

And that takes work.

So... how badly do you want it?

If you say "it's a lot of work" as an excuse so you can go back to not doing it, then accept the fact that you probably won't get it.

But if you say 'it's a lot of work" and then start working...

Well then... you're on your way, now aren't you?

Happy planting!

9:32 PM

Saturday, September 12, 2009
Your Cause is to be your best. Let the world take care of the Effect. 
We are like pebbles, tossed into a still pond. We cannot say what happens to the ripples after that. Once they go out, they will do as they will.

The same with us.

We can't really control the effect that our words and deeds and actions have upon the world. Of course, those of us with good intentions, certainly want the currents to be helpful and not harmful to others... but then the intention belongs to us... the ripples belong to the world.

So don't edit yourself, or second guess what MIGHT happen... especially if that causes you to do nothing because of fear.

Just be the best pebble you can be... and go out and make a big splash upon the world!

Keep the light on!

3:19 PM

Thursday, September 10, 2009
There's always enough time to change your past. 
You've always heard the saying 'you can't change the past' but the truth is, you do; every day. You decide what's important, what's memorable, what's painful... you decide what you keep and what you let go... and you look back with a different set of eyes, and a renewed perspective that gives you insight in ways you haven't seen before.

So you can look back now, at everything that brought you here, and rearrange it all. Keep some things, purge the rest... the past is simply the echoes of yesterday... and today you can sing a different song.

The past is yours, as much as the present and the future... you have the power to change all of it.

11:23 AM

Wednesday, September 09, 2009
Add to their conversation, not your own. 
While you are an amazing, fascinating, incredible being, when it's time to connect to our fellow amazing, fascinating and incredible beings, drop the agendas and the running monologues. Listen to others and connect to what they are saying. By all means, share your stories and opinions, even when they disagree... just as long as the connection is there.

Stay in the moment too. Leap frogging three steps ahead disconnects the conversation and puts you back into your own story.

It's easier said once done.

9:09 AM

Tuesday, September 08, 2009
If you can't let it go, at least let it be. 
While it's important to let each emotion go, sometimes they cling a little harder; linger a little longer; dig a little deeper. In times like that, it's important not to add emotions to emotions. For example, getting angry over being sad is certainly not going to make you happy, now will it?

Yet there are circumstances that are bigger than your day-to-day feelings; where you can't just 'get over it'. In those times, don't force anything. By all means, do stuff that brings you good feelings, but don't get stuck on being stuck.

Let it be... this too will pass, when you let it runs its course.

It's all part of being human.

Keep the light on!

6:03 AM

Sunday, September 06, 2009
Challenge yourself up to the point of success... no more, no less. 
Success takes effort; sometimes a lot, sometimes a little. It's different each time, so we really can't say definitively 'how much is enough?' Put in too little, and nothing happens; too much, and you burn out.

The key is in finding the sweet spot...

But how?

Hint: You know more than you think you know.

Trust yourself. Take a moment out to do a check-up on yourself. How do you FEEL? Good or Bad? Energized or Tired? Fulfilled or Frustrated?

Your emotions are your gauges for what's going on under your hood. They're closer to your subconscious than you realize... so see what they have to say.

Then make adjustments along the way. Rest if you need to; or get up and do something.

The road to success is a winding one, so adjust as you go.

Keep the light on!

8:22 PM

Saturday, September 05, 2009
When you're one step away, don't step away. 
Sometimes we're lucky enough to see the finish line; other times we just don't know if success is just around the corner or not... yet the only way to find out is to keep going!

Right now, you are at the threshold of your dreams-coming-true. Sure, it's been a long road, you're tired, impatient and in need of a nice hot shower... but thinking about that isn't going to get you farther... one more step will.

In fact, one small step might just be the quantum leap you've been looking for.

So what are you waiting for? Step to it!

10:19 PM

Friday, September 04, 2009
Want to learn patience? I'll tell you later. 
Having this saying on my status brought up a lot of interesting reactions from people. It seems people don't want to wait to learn how to be patient. We've grown to become such an instant society that fast food is just too slow and conversations have all but abandoned the use of vowels.

Patience is not something you get, even if you wait for it. It's really an expression of other virtues...

Patience is Trust in your Persistence. It's a belief that the path you are on is the right one... and a belief that with enough time, this road will lead you to where you want to go.

Hope is like Faith, in that it's a belief in what you are doing. However, Hope is also a belief that what is at the end of the road is ultimately worth the journey.

Determination is the desire behind the journey. It's the motivation to keep on going, even when the going gets rough; it's the force that helps you get up when you're knocked down, to do it even when you don't want to. It's Faith and Hope in Action.

Love is the journey itself; it's the reason behind the journey; it's the road there... and the final destination. When you have Love for the process itself, and not just for the expectations of something up ahead, then and only then, will you truly be able to understand Patience.

PS Let me know when you get 'there' so I can say 'I told you so' :-)

Keep the light on!

10:16 AM

Tuesday, September 01, 2009
Negative experiences are a part of Life. Positive Outcomes are a part of Living. 
Stuff happens. None of it is really 'good' or 'bad' but rather we either like what happens, or we don't. Now of course, y'gotta admit that there's an awful lot of stuff that nobody would really WANT to happen... but then it's going to happen anyway.

While you might argue that some people are dealt better hands than others, none of it really matters. It's all in how you play the game. You really only lose if you sit there and complain about the cards.

Our present moments are the results of our past events, and even more so the results of how we dealt with those events. Good, bad or indifferent... they all got us HERE.

So the future is dependant on what you do Today with all your stuff. Going through some negative experiences? It happens. Move through it; Learn from it; Grow out of it.

Take it for what it's worth... turn it around... and you can make it worth so much more tomorrow.

11:07 AM


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