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Saturday, October 31, 2009
'Where you came from' & 'Where you're going' make You who you are Today... Just as you make them what they are. 
We come to understand ourselves through relationships. We see our 'Now' as it pertains to what came before and what we expect (hope) will come after. That connection to the past and the future can help us get a sense of continuity, a direction, a rightness of purpose. It can also help us to adjust our course whenever we veer from the line that connects our past and our desired future.

Yet where we come from and where we're headed are not just the leaders of our choices, they are also the followers. We decide what past to keep and what to forget and the future is waiting for our command... so while some choose to believe that we're all just victims of our situations and others choose to believe that we control every single blip of our existence... it's all one big cooperative plan. We need our past and future as much as they need us.

And the NOW is smack dab in the center of the past and the future... which is where you are... right here... right NOW.

Right ON!


4:50 PM

Wednesday, October 28, 2009
Successful people have problems that are bigger than most, yet still smaller than they are. 
The problem is when the problem becomes a problem.

If you sit down and talk with anyone who has ever failed, they can give you a long list of the problems they face. If you sit down and talk with anyone who has succeeded, they can also give you a long list of the problems they face.

Problems happen. They happen because we live in three worlds... the one we dream of, the one we plan on and the one we get. Whenever and wherever they don't match, that's a 'problem'.

Because you have your three worlds, and everyone else in your life has their three worlds... and the world has its three worlds... well, that's going to make for a LOT of 'problems'. They're not really going to go away. They're actually an integral part of the system.

The nice thing is that you can avoid them, get over them, go around them or persevere through them. The 'problem' will still be 'there' but you'll be someplace else, where it won't be in your way.

The goal is to be able to handle the 'problems' that come your way... so that even when they may slow you down, they never stop you. And you allow them to teach you, and strengthen you, so that with each successive 'problem' they become smaller and you become larger.

You are not your problems. You are not your circumstances. You are a Dreamer, and a Planner and a Problem Solver. You are bigger and better and more beautiful than any problem will have you believe.

How do I know this?

Because you're here.

Keep that light on!


PS I had the honor and pleasure of seeing my friend and mentor Dave Corbin at the premiere of Three Feet From Gold. He has a new book, Illuminate: Harnessing the Positive Power of Negative Thinking which is one of the ways I'm making myself bigger, better and more beautiful. If you don't know this amazing man, or his awesome work, it's time for you to do so.

6:52 AM

Sunday, October 18, 2009
When in doubt, get out of it. 
Life is never certain... but then again, that doesn't mean we have to wallow around in uncertainty all the time either.

Now the saying above "When in doubt, get out of it" can have many meanings. Some people comments hinted that they saw it as "when in doubt, get out of the situation." That could be a job or relationship that makes you very unhappy.

But I have another meaning to that sentence.

"When in doubt, get out of doubt."

That means, when you find yourself in a state of uncertainty, go forth and discover 'certainty' (whatever that means to you). Explore your circumstances further, look within yourself deeper, ask others for guidance. In other words, get some answers to your questions. Quench your uncertainty with knowledge... so that you can make more informed decisions while traveling the road known as "Life".

Doubt is just a State of Mind... so hurry up and get across that border!

Keep the light on!


2:37 PM

Saturday, October 17, 2009
Sometimes a wrong turn is the right way. 
If you've ever been in Los Angeles, there's one thing you know for sure... traffic is bad (to put it mildly). From the very beginning of my evening commute, I knew it wasn't going to be bad, because it was already worse from the get-go.

Making the most of it, I turned off the mind-numbing radio, rolled down the windows and imagined myself on a back porch somewhere, enjoying a lazy summer evening (another thing about LA is that an October day can easily reach 95 degrees whenever it feels like it). Thanks to several days of rain, the air was now fresh (yeah, I know, LA... but it happens).

Driving through the canyons, the scent of hyacinth mixed with pine, the occasional rose from someone's garden... with short bursts of bus fumes to remind me I was still on the road.

It took me twice as long to get up the one side of the hill, so I thought about that short cut that winds parallel to the main boulevard. It greeted me with open arms and I smiled as I winded past the ranch style homes with their white picket fences; a little bit of country nestled inside this sprawling city.

I don't know if it was the daydreaming, or the desire to keep going on this road but I soon discovered that a simple turn had started me back down the mountain, heading away from my destination. Being discouraged by the long line of cars heading up, I figured I could wait until I got to famous Mulholland Drive, which was 'out of the way' but still on the way to where I needed to be.

I settled in again, knowing that there wasn't much I could do to get home faster, so I might as well enjoy the ride.

As the sun began to set, turning the sky into a sea of crimson and gold and mystical blue, I turned the bend and realized what a gift I had been given. Thousands of lights, like diamonds, sparkled below me... expanding in all directions, as if the stars came down to earth to lay before my feet. I understood why so many people wanted to live up here, with a view that just took my breath away.

I had to stop to take it all in... the stars, the lights, the hyacinth and honking cars. All of it was magical... and I saw that getting home wasn't the most important thing of the evening.

As I finished the last leg of my journey, I got to thinking about Life in general. How much do we miss when we take the same route at the same time, in the same way, every single day.

Just one 'wrong' turn can take us to places we hardly even imagine. The world's still the same no matter what, but the view we get is so much more spectacular just one step outside our norm.

So when are you going to take your turn?

Keep those lights on!


4:41 PM

Thursday, October 15, 2009
Don't get blinded by the present moment. It only looks bigger 'cause it's closer. 
Have you ever looked at something in the distance, like a mountain, and then put your thumb up in front of your eye? It blocks the mountain, right? But if you ever compared sizes between your thumb and the mountain, the difference is pretty obvious.

It's the same thing with every moment in your life. The present moment always seems the biggest, intensifying the good, the bad and the ugly to ginormous proportions... to the point where we make decisions without having full sight of what lies beyond.

Take a step back when the moment gets too much... take the thumb away from your eyes, and look at the bigger picture. By keeping the distance in focus, you'll be able to keep your aim and your direction and not be distracted by the little things.

Thumbs up to you!


10:36 PM

Sunday, October 11, 2009
Never confuse taking care of busyness with taking care of business. 
I have a confession to make... something I'm notoriously guilty of... if you've ever asked me this question, you'll probably be able to guess my answer.

"How are you?"

What's my usual answer?


Yup, busy... sometimes I mix it up and say "super busy" or "crazy busy" but that word... that busy busy word creeps in all the time?

Now why is that? Because somehow somewhere along the way I got to thinking that "busy" was a badge of honor... "busy" is popular, "busy" is productive and "busy" gets me out of doing other stuff that I don't want to do, cause y'know... "I'm busy".

But how productive is it really?

Of course I'd like to think that I'm busy taking care of all of the important business in my life. After all, I've had some pretty good results... and have had some truly amazing things happen that have brought great joy to my life... but!... it hasn't been all it's cracked up to be.

Some of the busy-ness has been just that, or better called busy-Mess... because the return I get just isn't worth the effort that went in.

So what to do?

For one, ask "is this worth it?" It might be hard to tell if it will be... and some things look more important than they really are... but if we all just ask that question at the beginning, the obvious NO's can be eliminated right off the bat.

If it has to get done, then ask "Do I have to do it?" It's quite possible that someone else can do it better than you can... and saving YOUR time is worth having someone else take care of it. For example, I once attended a Wealth Seminar where the speaker said "You're never going to get rich cleaning your own house" Her point was that someone else can take care of your cleaning while you take care of your business. (If you've ever seen my dust bunnies, you'd agree)

And finally, if it is worth doing, ask yourself, "Do I love doing it?" because something are worth doing, but they might not be worth it for you. Being a brain surgeon is certain a worthwhile cause, but do you want to do it?

So take a moment our of your busy schedule to think about everything I just said... see what fits and what doesn't, and go from there.

And, I know this note's been rather large, so I thank you for taking the time to read it all.

Keep the light on!


4:48 PM

Saturday, October 10, 2009
The up-trodden needs your help too 
There are people in this world in desperate need of help.

When you think about who that might be, you often imagine someone disheveled, homeless, addicted, elderly or infirmed. You call them the 'downtrodden.'

While it's a divine gift to serve these poor souls, they're not the ones I'm referring to now.

There are millions, even billions, of others out there... who make enough money to keep a roof over their head, food in their stomachs and put their children into good schools... there are a lot of really good-looking people out there... and really smart people with incredible educations...

... and they need your help desperately.

Among them, despite all appearances, are those that are in great pain; they feel disconnected from life, with no real sense of belonging, or purpose.

Yet do you think about them very much?

If a beautiful person says that they can't find love, do you feel sorry for them?

If a millionaire, or a billionaire, talks about their struggles, do you reply with "I wish I had their problems!"

If so, then it's time for you to look deeper into your self, to see the root of your own prejudgments.

Everyone wants, and needs, love. They want to feel 'right'; they want to belong... and without that, they suffer.

Having beauty or wealth or smarts doesn't exempt them from feeling the bitter cold of darkness.

So don't save your charity for people that you are think are beneath you.

Everyone deserves the light...

YOUR light.

So shine on!!


5:49 PM

Friday, October 09, 2009
Time sure flies... do you? 
I can't believe it's Friday already... I can't believe it's the weekend... can you believe it's already October?... can you believe it's almost the holidays?... The year's almost over, where'd the time go?

If you smiled and nodded at those statements, then you know how time flies. Sure seems to be moving faster than when we were kids, right?

Not really. Time's been moving at the same speed since it started... it just seems to be going faster. Why? because now we have so much more STUFF to do. The more stuff we have, the more stuff we have to do to keep the stuff... or get more stuff... or newer stuff... we're just stuffed!!

But if time feels like it's flying away from you, that means that you're not doing the right stuff.

Now there's two types of time flights... one where you're so busy engulfed by something you love that you don't notice the time (that's the good stuff)... and then there's the "other stuff" that just takes up time but doesn't quite leave you fulfilled when it's over (that's bad stuff).

So what to do... what to do?

Take a moment to think about it...

Take all the time you need...

Oh, right, I got it...

Do more good stuff!!

Spend the time doing what you love, with the people you love, for the world that you love.

Time's still going to fly by... but then again, so will you.

Keep the light on!


1:08 PM

Thursday, October 08, 2009
If you want to be nothing, feel free to do nothing. Everything else may require more of your attention. 
Nothing in life requires you to do something or to be something... and that's actually the beauty of it all. We do things because we WANT to. We have this desire to have more and do more and be more...

And we can have it all... as long as we are will to give something of value first. When we give of ourselves, we open up to receiving. Action gets Results (Desires start actions, but desire alone only gets you a daydream).

So if you don't want anything more than what you already have, you can stop reading now. Otherwise, the next sentence is for you...

Do something.

Keep the light on!


10:57 PM

Tuesday, October 06, 2009
What appears to be a setback might just be Life's way of pulling back the bow. 
Setbacks happen.

And when you look at them up close, it looks like everything is slipping away...

But Life is about the Big Picture.

From that perspective, it could just be a Pause, or a Settling, or an Adjustment... but certainly not an End.

Another way to look at it is like a bow and arrow. The bow must move back, in order for the arrow to catapult forward.

In fact, the more tension there is, the more powerful the flight.

The key is to keep your focus and your aim; to know when to let go of the tension...

... and let yourself fly.

Keep the light on!

8:35 PM

Friday, October 02, 2009
It is not by rising above our humanity, but above our inhumanity, that sets us free. 
I missed a few of these posts because I had the extreme honor of performing in a play. While I've been on stage for many years now, it's been quite some time since I had lines and a character to portray. It was truly a transcendent moment; one which I will cherish tremendously.

It was the Andersonville Trial, a Civil War Court Room Drama, about the inhuman treatment of Union Soldiers in a prisoner-of-war camp. As the story unfolded, and the questions arose about following orders vs making humane choices, one couldn't help but think about the other astounding moments in history... Nazi Germany... Vietnam... Guantanamo.

Have we learned anything? Are times getting worse? Or are we just better televised?

I believe (perhaps this is the Optimist in me) that a majority of the world is made up of very good people... people who wish to lead a decent, moral life; raising their children to be more kind and forgiving than we've been.

And yet, it's not just about those that willfully do harm to others... it's also about how good people often turn away, doing nothing, that let's the bad things continue. The North and South knew those camps existed, so did the Germans in 1940... just as we know what's going on in places like Guantanamo, Iraq, Iran, Somalia and Afghanistan.

The question is... what can we do? What can you do?

All too often, we see our humanity as a problem... as if being human is somehow faulty, imperfect; something to be ignored or overcome...

But that's just not the case. To be Human is to be Divine. We are magnificent beings... enabled to do so much magic... as long as we believe in that magic.

The problem is when we forget that... in ourselves, and in each other... when we think of others as less than Human, less than Divine, in order for use to feel justified in our hatred and our cruelty to one another.

Loving one another is loving ourselves. Embracing our humanity, and remembering just how special WE ALL ARE is the key to freedom. Losing that means losing so much more.

Keep that light on! (and I mean it!!)


7:01 AM


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