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Friday, November 27, 2009
One of the biggest mistakes you could make would be trying to live without them. 
The perfect answer to being perfect is that there are no perfect answers. One of the biggest (and most ironic) reasons why people fail is that they are afraid to fail. They might fear ridicule, or judgment; they might tie their self-worth into their ability to get something 'right' and then end up not even trying at all. All they're left with is a life of empty dreams and never-ending, never-fulfilled potential.

Mistakes are not only a part of Life, they're an integral part of the process. They help us define what works by showing us what does NOT work.

They also teach us patience and persistence and continually test us to make sure we still have our resolve. Success may not be assured through persistence, but failure is assured through quitting.

Remember the saying "fail forward fast" meaning get the mistakes done with as soon as possible. Getting a few really good mistakes over right away can save huge amounts of time later.

So don't fear them, revere them. Respect what they have to teach us.

Now go out and goof up... because the biggest success is waiting for you just beyond.

Keep the light on!


11:21 PM

Thursday, November 26, 2009
People can't see the thanks you have, only the thanks you give. 
There's all this talk about having gratitude... and that's great. I'm all for being thankful for what I have... but that's a private affair. It gives me the warm and fuzzies and helps we focus on manifesting more warm and fuzzies... but it does little for making the world a better place.

GIVING thanks is just that... it's sending gratitude out into the world to do MORE than just make me feel better. It's like the ripple in the pond... it just gets bigger and bigger the more it's out there. It surrounds more and more and is felt by anyone who comes in contact with it.

So remember that this holiday season is all about giving... so let your thanks be known.

Keep the light on!


11:13 PM

Sunday, November 22, 2009
To broaden your horizons, deepen your moments. 
There's only so much time in a day. How many times have you heard it, or said it to yourself? You find yourself reaching the end of the day so quickly, wondering how you got here and how come nothing seems to have gotten done. Right?

Yet, how come some people seem to get so much done before noon?

The answer is "quality time". By that I don't mean the half hour before bedtime that an overworked parent spends reading to their kids... I mean making the most of every moment.

In order to succeed, you don't have to add more moments. You don't need to do double or triple the work than the next person. You don't even have to stop doing a lot of the stuff you do now.

Instead, just get more out of each moment.


That's also quite simple...

Just put more INTO each moment.

Go into each moment knowing what you want to get out of it. Set a goal, even for the most mundane tasks. You know how to do dishes... so don't think about the dishes... and don't think about the laundry, or the day's problems while doing the dishes either... think about Love and about doing the things you love... let your mind flow over creative solutions, like the water flowing over the plate.

Or if that doesn't suit you, how about listening to a motivational CD or MP3 while you do your daily tasks?

Wouldn't that be putting more into the moment? It still takes the same amount of time it would have anyway... so see how different it is when you add to the moment?

Also, if you're going to some event, or have to do some particular project, plan out what lessons you'll get from it. Realize that even if the project you're about to work on isn't your ideal thing, you can learn the process of getting it done, so that you can use it for more important things later on.

So if you want to find more time, look inside each moment. Just go deeper.

Keep the light on!


11:38 PM

Thursday, November 19, 2009
Your word is law. If you can't be trusted with the small stuff, how can you expect to be trusted with the big stuff? 
So often we don't think anyone would notice... y'know, the little white lies, the forgotten promises, the excuses about traffic and some such. It's really no big deal, right? It happens to everyone...

That is, it happens to everyone who wonders why things aren't working out right for them...

These things are sometimes so small that we fail to notice the connection, or consider them exceptions, but the fact of the matter is, how we are with the little things reflect how we are with the big things.

Putting care into the details matter... a lot; not only because they make the bigger things better, but because they make YOU better in the process.

When you put integrity into your promises, you become Trustworthy... i.e. Worthy of Trust. And that worth makes you more valuable, to yourself and to others.

And the more value you put into the world, the more value you receive.

So say what you mean and mean what you say. When you say you're going to do something or be somewhere, then make sure it is done.

Remember, it's only small stuff when you belittle it. Respect it and you will be respected in return.

Keep your word... and the light on!


10:32 PM

Tuesday, November 17, 2009
Don't just make better choices; become a person who makes better choices. 
We all make choices, every single moment, of every single day. Even those people who say "I don't have a choice" have a choice (they just decide to stick with the most 'obvious' choice, even if it's not one that they like). People make choices to succeed, and they make choices to fail. They choose to push their desires into reality, or they choose to let Life push their dreams into dust... but whatever they decide, and whatever results they get from that decision, is ultimately their choice.

Our choices are limited by our socio-economic conditions (e.g. "I don't have enough money") or because of our race, sex, nationality, preference, age... every single one of those conditions ABSOLUTELY LIMITS OUR CHOICES... they really, really do.

When we choose to let them.

Especially when it's easier to stick to the few choices before us and use them as an excuse for our failure... especially when going out to look for better choices is just "too much work" or "too far away". I mean, after all, sure, a better choice could be only a few feet away, but it might not be up the road at all, so why try, right?

Unless you really are tired of having limited choices and disappointing results. In that case, it might just be worth the effort to go out in search of more options.

Or, you don't have to go out anywhere... you could go INSIDE yourself in search of the decision makers. You know the ones, those beliefs that says you're not good enough, or not deserving enough, or that you can't do it because of (fill in the blank). You could... if you wanted to expand your life to unlimited choices... go inside and realize that the only limited choices you have are the choices that limit who you are.

You might discover that becoming a better decision maker gives you more choices... or that bigger better choices are available to those that become bigger and better first... but you really won't find that out unless you try.

It's your choice.

Keep the light on!


4:14 AM

Tuesday, November 10, 2009
Negating the negative leaves you with nothing. Being positive is better than nothing. 
It's not that you can't negate a negative. I just did. It's just that the best it will get you is nothing. Being positive is better than nothing.

When you negate a negative, like quitting smoking or drinking, you're left with a void. Without a replacement, it's often easier to just go back.

It's about doing something, not not-doing something.

The object is to turn the negated negative into its positive alternative. Instead of not smoking, become a non-smoker. Instead of losing weight, become your ideal weight. Both act the same, but who you are is vastly different.

Coming from that positive place, you have a goal, a vision, and outcome, already built in.You're not left in neutral, having to find something else to do. You'll not only be doing it, you'll be living it.

Now go out and be positive!!

Keep the light on!


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5:52 AM

Saturday, November 07, 2009
Don't focus on making a difference, focus on giving value. That'll make a huge difference. 
A lot of people talk about "making a difference" in the world. That's really awesome... since what they intend is to make the world better in some way.

The only thing is... that's not very clear.

Anyone can make a difference... just go stand in the middle of the road and you'll make a difference in the way people drive... but that's not very positive, now is it?

The key is not to focus on making any sort of difference... none whatsoever.

Sounds radical, I know, but the difference you make is really none of your business.

Change is going to happen completely out of your control, so don't get caught up in it. You could find yourself so wrapped up in the results that you lose sight of what you're doing in the first place.

Instead, focus on giving value to the world. Just give. It doesn't matter if you think it's good enough or big enough or right enough. As long as you give from your heart and through your talent, it's enough.

And even there, don't focus on your talent or your heart... but instead focus on the NEED. Just find a need and fill it... to the best of your ability... from the purist of intentions.

Then, and only then, will you "make a difference".

Now go!

Keep the light on!


1:58 PM

Wednesday, November 04, 2009
Just 'cause someone agrees w/ you doesn't mean you're right; & just 'cause they disagree doesn't mean they're right either. 
People like to be right... right? For the most part, people do... for many reasons. For some, it means validation; for others, love; and for still others, it at least means not having to backtrack and start over. That's why when we meet people of 'like minds' we're immediately attracted to one another. It feels comfortable, familiar... it just feels 'right'.

But just because someone agrees with your point of view, that doesn't make it any more 'real'. It just means you share common ideals. You could (theoretically) both be off track.

I'm not making this point to imply that you are 'wrong' by any means. I'm just bringing this up as a gentle reminder that all of life is perspective (even this sentence) and if we start to feel that we are 'right' we run the risk of believing that other people are 'wrong', or worse, 'less' than ourselves.

We also run the risk of easing up on our own growth, figuring that since we've already got all the answers, there's nothing else to look for.

Don't rob yourself of becoming a witness to your own Divinity, or the Divinity in others.

Life is too precious to worry about if it's right or not.

It's ALL RIGHT just the way it is.

And so are YOU.

But just remember, if you strive for everything to be ALL RIGHT, then you'll end up with NOTHING LEFT.

So I'm going now... and you can say that I ** LEFT ** you ** RIGHT ** where you started... somewhere securely in the ** MIDDLE ** of your Divine Life.

Keep the light on!



11:06 PM

Sunday, November 01, 2009
When you mistake YOUR truth for THE truth, you're not thinking BIG enough. 
I saw this questions posed just the other day and I answered it as I had done to the many others who have posed it before them. The question was,

If there is only one Universal Truth, how come so many people have completely different perspectives?

I explained that the answer is simple... much simpler than you might think.

We're just looking at a portion of it from a single unique angle.

THE Truth is really, really big... and resides partially in the world that we can see, yet mostly in the world we cannot.

We see only 'visible' light, hear only a certain range of sounds... our five senses, however magical and mystical they are, automatically put us in a limited range of perception.

Add to that, the very angle from which we observe shapes our experience. Think of two people witnessing an accident... or think of how different a magic act would be if you saw it from backstage instead of from the front.

And so from the very start, the way we experience something is limited to whatever reaches us.

Once inside, those perceptions have to then travel through a whole series of beliefs in order to be understood. Think of two people having a heated discussion and you'll see how vastly different the same event is experienced.

Then add yet another layer on top of this... projection. We are beings who thrive on completion. Our understanding relies on us being able to complete the whole picture. If we can only see a portion of it, we fill in the blanks with our best guess. That's where faith often comes in (that can be faith in science just as much as it can be faith in some form of religion)

So you see, Truth is what it is... yet it's bigger than we are. It's big enough to include everyone else's opinion... and even bigger to embrace seeming contradictions.

The only problem that arises is when we assume that the truth that we know is the final answer... because from that point of view, all others are wrong... and those that hold those beliefs are bad... and that we are separate from one another.

So If you believe that you're alone and everyone else is alone... then we're all alike... in one giant group... which means we're not really alone, now are we?

Or it's the other way around.

And that's the truth!

Keep the light on!


5:07 PM


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