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Sunday, December 27, 2009
How many times do you need to bang your head against the wall before the wall decides to stop hurting you? 
How many people do you know who have blamed everyone and everything around them for their pain, anguish, wrong-doing; while you can plainly see that they're the ones causing their own pain?

So after you just ran down a list of all your relatives, many of your co-workers and a few of your close friends... did you take a moment to count the bumps on your own head?

We cause most (I'd dare say ALL, but then that'd give you a headache)... most... of our problems. That's not to say we're in the middle of difficult circumstances, or that certain people are pains in parts other than our heads... but the source of the pain is US.

It's all in how we react to what's going on around us. Other people being difficult? That's THEIR problem. Stuck in a situation that isn't much fun... it's not the situation that's the problem.

The wall is just a wall. That's all it is, and that's all it does. It doesn't cause pain. It hurts when you hit it, sure, but that's YOU. What YOU'RE hitting is causing YOUR pain.

Same with everything else in life. Pain, pleasure and everything in between comes from how we feel about what we do.

So if you find yourself in any situation that's causing pain, and not making much headway (sorry about the pun) don't look for something outside to blame. Check to see what you're bumping into.

You might just see the light instead of the stars.

Keep that light on!

11:04 PM

Wednesday, December 23, 2009
When someone sees you as 'less' it is because they see less, not because you are less. 
You are an amazingly divine being, as only you can know it. Those who look at you can only see you from the outside, through the eyes of their own limited beliefs. When someone looks upon you and considers you to be less than they are, it has nothing to do with you. They may have this desire to be 'right' and can only achieve that by believing others are 'wrong'. Or perhaps they can't see into other people deep enough to see their light. Whatever the case, someone else's closed eyes doesn't have to put you in the dark.

KNOW that your light shines, even when it isn't looked upon. Make a vow to show your light to those that matter.

And DON'T return their favor... don't think of THEM as any less than you, simply because they cannot see your light. For they have a light too... and if you judge them, you will be just as blind.

Be free.

And Shine on!

10:54 PM

Thursday, December 17, 2009
A Winner can lose and a Loser can win. It's what they do about it that makes all the difference. 
Everybody wins, and loses, sometimes.

Both Winner and Loser can tell you their tale of woe. The Loser will gain your sympathy when they explain how it stopped them. The Winner, however, will earn your admiration when they explain how their woe inspired them to go on.

They can also share with you stories of their successes, one explaining how fleeting it can be, the other telling you how it can be duplicated.

You see, such is life. No one is immune to failure, disappointment and setbacks... just as no one has more rights to happiness and grand success than any other.

No matter what is handed to you in life, success is ultimately earned.

It doesn't matter where you've started... it matters where you finish.

It matters what you do along the way... how you handle each twist and turn... and how you experience what you see... and how many lives you touch along the many stops.

A Winner wins every moment, regardless of the circumstance.

Keep the light on!


10:59 PM

Tuesday, December 15, 2009
Different isn't always better, but Better is always different. 
You've heard the saying before... "the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results." Yet that never stops us from trying just one... more... time... right?

We do the same thing because it's the easiest thing for us to do. It's automatic, it's habit, it's comfortable... and when we end up with the same results, we probably go through the same round of feelings, wondering when are things ever going to change.

When we do something different, right?


"Different" is just that, different. You can exchange your dollar for quarters, dimes, nickels or quarters, but it's never going to be worth more than a dollar.

If you truly want your results, and hence your life, to be better, then you need more that 'different' you need to be BETTER.

You need to BE better. Learn more so you can do more. Do what you do just a little bit better than you did it before. Care more, so that everything you do is worth more. If you simply cannot, then enlist the help of those that do it better than you do, so that what gets done, is done better.

To get a higher standard of living, live to a higher standard.

Don't just keep the light on... make it brighter,

Wishing you all the BEST,

5:26 AM

Wednesday, December 09, 2009
The fastest way to 'have it all' is to consider yourself a co-owner with the rest of the world. 
There is abundance all around and it's great to revel in all the 'stuff' Life has to offer. It only becomes a 'problem' when act as if someone else has to lose in order for us to have something.

Did you know that there is more wealth than there are riches? There isn't enough physical money or property or valuables to equal how much people are worth. That's because we're sharing it. Money passes from hand to hand to hand. No one actually 'owns' it... we share it.

Yet if we take that concept to a much bigger view, you'll discover that we share EVERYTHING.... the air we breathe, the water we drink. Just try holding on to all the air in the world... doesn't work, does it?

So if you really want to 'have it all' just look around you.

You already do.

Keep the light on!


6:43 AM


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