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Dear Gurustu - Greener
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Dear Guru Stu...

I have it all -- a new 3-bedroom home, 2 cars, a beautiful wife, 2 great kids and I was just promoted to Vice President.

So why can't I be happy?

Signed, Unfulfilled

Dear Unfulfilled,

Sounds like the grass was greener until you had to mow it...

Happiness is a fickle friend. It's hard to define; and hard to determine who will have it, and for how long. I've heard it said that Happiness is a choice; but it's actually a series of choices. It's not "I will be happy now," but rather "I have what I love" and "I love what I have."

If you go after what you THINK you're supposed to, then you aren't being true to yourself. That's a sure recipe for unhappiness.

Re-evaluate your life against the criteria of how much of YOU is in what you have. If you look around and it just doesn't seem like your life, make adjustments. Maybe you need to adjust your job; maybe you and the family need to do things differently.

I can't tell you what you should do specifically with your own details, but if you compare your life's desires with the life around you, you will be taking the first step to getting the life you deserve.


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