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Dear Gurustu - Not in the Holiday Mood
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Dear Guru Stu...

Is it me, or does it just not feel like Christmas this year?


Missing the Holiday Spirit.

Dear Missing,

It's you.

Of course, not entirely you; but it comes down to your perception of what this holiday is SUPPOSED to be. This is today, not last year; nor back when you were six. Everything changes; and this holiday is entirely new. So what it IS is up to you.

There's a lot of things that happen to us in one year. We lose people we love, or gain new families through marriage. There's a lot that can put pressure on us to make this holiday different than past ones.

Maybe time just "flew by" and the holiday reminds us of how rushed we feel; or how unorganized our lives are at the moment. Maybe our shopping list continues to grow while our income has gone the other way. Maybe the commercialization and shopping mall squabbles just rob the festivities out of the moment. There are a million excuses why this holiday just doesn't feel like it "should"... but ultimately it is you and it comes down what you really want out of this holiday.

Expect nothing; enjoy everything.

If you change your focus less on the gifts and the cooking, and more on being with people you love and getting back to the original meaning of the moment, you will open yourself up to having an enriching time.

And should this year be one where you're alone, take the time to do something quiet and special for yourself. There's nothing you really need besides love for yourself to make this (or any day) special.

And finally, if this really is an awful time for you, just be patient; this too shall pass... don't look at the light on the tree, look at the light at the end of the tunnel.

Whatever you do, I hope this holiday is a special one; and the New Year brings you all the goodness you deserve.


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